running older/ running wiser




Distance running is by no means just a young persons game .By fine-tuning your diet and training you can extend your running career and improve your running performances


as we get older our muscles get less supple, lose their resilience and tighten after running.

regular stretching will help to combat this.

Rest days.

as we get older we need more rest and recovery especially after long runs and speed sessions.

Strength work.

as we age our muscles lose strength but we can combat this by doing strength and conditioning work.

Go off road.

when ever possible run on grass or trials to allow the body recover from the pounding of the road

your joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments will love you for it.

Avoid injury.

by having sports massage once a month you will help avoid injury caused by tight muscles.


Enjoy your running.

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Non specific back/neck pain

Do you spend hours everyday slumped on a chair  at your work station on a computer

Is poor posture , overuse, poor muscle tone, lack of exercise contributing to your back/neck pain

Do your wear ill fitting and poorly designed foot wear ie platforms stiletto heels ect


Many of the contributing  causes of non specific back/neck pain can be corrected or modified

I can help you eliminate back/neck pain using various modalities of massage therapy  combined with stretching .

At the end of the treatment i will offer you home care advice which will help you have primary responsibility

with rehabilitation and maintenance of your body

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Take the step to better health.