A Pain in the Neck

At one point or another most people suffer from neck pain.

Neck pain can be excruciating leading to loss of motion, pain radiating into the head and even in to the shouder.
Neck pain can have a serious impact on our daily lives due to sleep disruption,restrictions turning the head to the left/right especially when driving.
Poor posture,faulty ergonomics ,muscle exhaustion and stress can all cause pathological conditions of the neck as can a number of injuries including impact trauma whiplash and overuse.

I can help reduce your discomfort in the neck and shoulders.
I use a specialized technique to help reduce muscle tension in the neck and shoulders, restoring muscle balance ,helping to eliminate neck and shoulder pain.

I strongly advise any client who has had an impact trauma or has been involved in a road traffic accident to have an MRI scan or Xray before having a treatment.

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Specialized therapy for injuries,chronic pain and tension.

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