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Dry Needling / Fibromyalgia

Excellent results have been achieved using dry needling when treating clients with Fibromyalgia. It is greatly effective in reducing pain and fatigue Feel free to call me on 0862465163 Joe brady Specialized therapy for injuries, chronic pain and tension A health care provider.

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Stress is a real pain in the neck

Muscle tension tightens the muscles , in the shoulders ,back neck. The more anxiety people experience ,the greater the increase of tension which in turn causes an increase in pain and discomfort. Many people get an increase in muscle tension in the neck and shoulders during times of stress which if left untreated can lead […]

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Stop stressing -Start living

Under stress the muscles of the human body tense up to protect themselves from injury, you have probably felt your muscles tighten up and release again once you relax.If you are constantly under stress your muscles don’t get the chance to relax. Tight muscles in the back ,neck and shoulders can lead to severe headaches,back […]

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