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D/day is fast approaching

Most of the work for the big race is now complete, you may well feel that apart from the race itself all preparations are over. Experienced marathon runners know that the weekend of the race is most important and can greatly add or subtract from your marathon performance. Yes the physical training should be completed […]

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Have a little patience

If your one of the many athletes getting ready for the Dublin marathon on Oct30th you should be in tapering mode at the moment. I always hated this period of marathon preparation, so much spare time with the reduction in weekly mileage. Will I put on bodyweight? What if I pick up a cold or […]

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Athletes feet, Always overworked, seldom treated.

In a recent conversation with a lady making her marathon debut in Dublin on October 30th, I was asked in my opinion as an experienced masseur, what was the most important part of the body to have worked on pre-race day? Without hesitation I replied the feet. As she was an experienced club runner , […]

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Less is more

Only three weeks to go before raceday,all of the long runs,speed sessions and races should now be almost complete. You have probably been training hard for months now in preparation for Dublin,so well done your almost there but to me these next 3 weeks are probably the most important in your training program todate. At […]

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