D/day is fast approaching

Most of the work for the big race is now complete, you may well feel that apart from the race itself all preparations are over. Experienced marathon runners know that the weekend of the race is most important and can greatly add or subtract from your marathon performance.

Yes the physical training should be completed but the last few days should be spent freshening the body,
Raising energy levels, hydrating the body.
As much as you can reduce time spent on your feet over the next few days .Get plenty of sleep this week ,you may struggle to sleep well on Saturday night with the increased adrenalin but with plenty of sleep on Thursday, Friday you will be fine.
I always ate 6 or 7 small meals in the days leading up to the race, rice pasta, bread cake, pastries.For obvious reasons do not eat a high fibre meal on Saturday evening.
Ensure you maintain your intake of water right up until the start of the race, I know it can be a chore but it will make such a difference when you reach mile 20 and beyond.
I strongly advise abstaining from alcohol in the marathon build up,
It causes the body to lose water,it also inhibits the utilisation of fat for energy, marathon runners need to be efficient at using fat as an energy source.
You can have plenty of alcohol Sunday night you will have earned it.
Remember life continues after Sunday so ensure you allow your body proper recovery in the days after the race, stretching ,walking swimming,cycling, alittle running will help you recover effectively.
If you feel you need massage have one it will help to remove the lactic acid from your muscles.
I strongly advise non club members to join a club as soon as you can ,dont lose the fitness levels you have at the moment,joining a club no matter what your level will give you renewed focus after the marathon is long over ,you will make new friends,new training partners that will help you after allowing recovery start running again.
We are so lucky in Meath to have several top class athletic clubs with some outstanding mentors,qualified coaches , who will give you great advice and help with your training eg
Trim AC,Ciaran Tobin
Fr Murphys,Michael Priest
Bohermeen AC, Stephen Ball
Dunshaughlin, Paddy Mangan
Na Fianna, Mary Hanley
Kiltale Ladies, Pat Diskin

I would like to wish you all the best of luck on Sunday, enjoy every moment before,during and after.
To the many athletes I have had the privilege of helping in your preparation for the big day,
I thank you and I have to say it has been a pleasure , I hope I didn’t talk too much.
I will be praying you all get around the course safely on Sunday.
I look forward to hearing all your stories after the race.
Best of luck , enjoy the experience and be very proud of yourself

Joe brady

Ps. remember a marathon is not a sprint

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Have a little patience

If your one of the many athletes getting ready for the Dublin marathon on Oct30th you should be in tapering mode at the moment.

I always hated this period of marathon preparation, so much spare time with the reduction in weekly mileage.
Will I put on bodyweight?
What if I pick up a cold or even worse a flu?
Why do my legs feel heavy and why do I have muscle stiffness, when I have reduced weekly mileage?
Always questions, questions, will it ever be raceday?
Remember tapering is the icing on the cake, all the long runs ,speed sessions ,steady runs and races are the main ingredients of the cake but all of the best prepared cakes are never complete without the icing.
You will need to be fully rested before your final big effort on raceday,all the hard work is done now so enjoy.
Don’t replace running with cycling or swimming, you won’t lose any fitness over the next 12 days,rest is key.
If by chance you gain a few grams in body weight don’t worry you will certainly lose it on October30th
If you have any niggles now is the time to get them sorted don’t let them become major problems on raceday.
I would strongly advise anyone who is carrying an injury not to run on the 30th , you may risk causing serious injury that may stop you running for several months or worse,even never running again.There will be other marathons.
Over the last few months preparation for this race has probably taken over your life as it does but very soon all the excitement and euphoria will be gone and after experiencing the runners high you may experience a low so I strongly advise runners over the next week to plan your next race There are many great races in the Royal County in the new year.
Races such as the Trim 10 mile or Bohermeen half marathon,place them in your dairy, this will simply gives you focus in your training over the dark Winter months.
Enjoy your tapering not long to go now.
Ps. I wonder will anyone from the Royal County complete the distance as fast as this young Dunshaughlin man did back in the day?
Somehow I doubt it.

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Joe brady
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Athletes feet, Always overworked, seldom treated.

In a recent conversation with a lady making her marathon debut in Dublin on October 30th, I was asked in my opinion as an experienced masseur, what was the most important part of the body to have worked on pre-race day?

Without hesitation I replied the feet.
As she was an experienced club runner , I was shocked to hear she never had her feet worked on during massage treatments.
So just how many more runners have never had their feet worked on during treatments?
Just for a brief moment consider the stress we place on the muscles, tendons,ligaments and bones of our feet when running.It is estimated we place up to 4 times our body weight on the feet and ankles when we run.
So how much stress has been placed on your feet over the past few months in your hundreds of miles of running in preparation for your big day on October 30th.
Yes it is most important to have the muscles of the legs,hips lower back treated so as to help reduce muscle tautness stiffness to help runners perform at their best on race day .
But in my opinion it is also essential to have your feet treated to ensure muscle stiffness in the feet is eliminated and also to have any fixation in the ankle joints caused by the constant pounding on hard surfaces such as road and footpaths while running, greatly reduced, helping to increase ankle joint movement ,helping you run more efficiently on race day.

Your feet are amazing, take great care of them.

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Joe brady

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Less is more

Only three weeks to go before raceday,all of the long runs,speed sessions and races should now be almost complete.

You have probably been training hard for months now in preparation for Dublin,so well done your almost there but to me these next 3 weeks are probably the most important in your training program todate.
At this stage there is little you can do in getting in an extra long run or speed session that will improve your performance on October 30th but not tapering sufficiently will have a great impact on how you run on race day.
It is so important to stand on the startline feeling fresh, ready to start the final leg of your journey.
Trust me you dont want to feel tired or heavy legged at the start because by the time you get to mile 20 you will be really suffering.
Get plenty of rest over the next few weeks, enjoy the extra time you have at the weekends, its a great feeling not having to do that long run on Saturday morning anymore,have some extra time in bed.
If you have any slight injuries, or taut muscles get them sorted out, dont let them become major areas of concern pre raceday or even worse on the big day itself.
Make sure you stay well hydrated everyday right up to the raceday
Have at least 3 litres of water a day.
Your body will love you for it.

Enjoy the last few weeks of your great journey.

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Joe brady
Specialized therapy for injuries,chronic pain and tension.

A health care provider.