ITB Band Friction Syndrome, Pain free treatment.

If you have ever suffered with this common condition you will no doubt have experienced the sharp needle like pain to the outside of the knee.

The pain is at its worse when bending or extending of the leg eg walking up or down a stairs.While resting from certain activities may reduce discomfort, once the person returns to the activities eg running the discomfort will soon return.
It is most important to have this condition effectively treated before it becomes chronic.
In my experience of treating athletes with ITB Band syndrome I find possibly the most common cause of the condition is tightness in the tensor fasciae latae and gluteus maximus muscles which causes a pull on the band.
So it is essential to release this muscle tautness followed by release of the band working from the hip towards the knee (pain free)
Finishing with effective stretching of the tensor fasciae and gluteus maximus muscles.
There is no need to ever suffer unnecessary discomfort when having this condition treated.
It is worth noting that a weak glute med muscle can sometimes cause the smaller tensor fasciae latae muscle to be overworked so causing the muscle to become overtight,
So the glute med may need to be strengthen.
There are several other factors that can also contribute to ITB band syndrome for example
Excessive downhill running.
Running on a sloped surface .
Leg length discrepancy,
Horse riding(excessive).

So by having the condition effectively treated and by simply changing the running terrain, ensuring effective daily stretching of glute max, tensor fasciae latae and if required strengthening of the glute med.
ITB band syndrome pain can be eliminated.
NB. You don’t have to be involved in sporting activities to suffer from ITB band syndrome as the condition can also effect people after having total knee replacement surgery.

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