Take the first step of the day, Pain-free

The first steps of the day are I feel when Plantar fasciitis pain is at its worse.Those first few steps after getting out of bed can simply be torture.
I know having suffered with the condition Plantar pain can be felt at anytime of the day but the pain felt when standing on the bedroom floor after getting out of bed is pain I never want to experience again.
Tight calf muscles play a major role in Plantar fasciitis pain first thing in the morning,its only after hobbling around for some time that the calf muscles eventually warm up and the pain reduces.
There is no need to continue to suffer with this pain.
I can help you reduce plantar fasciits pain by reducing all muscle tightness
In the calf muscles,plantar surface of the feet,working to help release the toes and ankle joints.
I will also release a muscle at the back of the shin bone called the tibialis posterior,when this muscle is tight it can play a major role in the cause of the condition.
You will be shown homecare work to be done daily so as to eliminate the condition for good.
Please don’t continue to suffer with this condition when you simply don’t have to.Apart from suffering chronic pain,what extra pressure are you placing on your knees and hips as you hobble around as you try to walk in discomfort everyday.
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Plantar fasciitis- A really painful way to start your day

If you suffer or have ever suffered with this condition,you will no doubt have experienced that excruciating pain when getting out of bed first thing in the morning.

It may take several minutes until that sharp pain gradually reduces, normally when the lower leg muscles warm up,but that can feel like an eternity as you hobble around the house until you can finally put full body weight on the feet.
I suffered from this condition on two occasions, due to me wearing improper supported footwear when running.I have never made that stupid mistake since and I never will again.
I will never forget that pain on the bottom of the foot. I can only describe it as someone sticking a sharpe knife into the sole of my foot.
I can help you greatly reduce the discomfort you are experiencing by using various specialized massage techniques combined with effective stretching while treating the condition and if you make sure the homecare exercises that you will be shown are done daily,the pain can be totally eliminated.
I make sure to have my calf muscles and plantar surface of my feet worked on every 6 weeks to help reduce any muscle stiffness or stiffness in the foot.I never want to experience that pain again.
I sometimes use dry needling when treating heel spurs but only if the client is comfortable with needling.
Is it painfull,nothing like plantar fasciits pain trust me.
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Joe brady

Specialized therapy for injuries,chronic pain and tension.

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Happy Feet

That time of year again, a time when new fitness regimes begin. Gyms are full, footpaths are busy with walkers and runners.It is probably without doubt the healthiest month of the year,but it is also a month when a high percentage of lower limb injuries occur.

Unfortunately foot and ankle injuries are common among runners,second only to knee injuries.
Just think for a brief moment of what you put your feet through when you run on unforgiving surfaces like asphalt or concrete.You’re placing several times your bodyweight through your ankles and feet as you hit the ground.
Foot and ankle injuries occur for three reasons.
Poor running technique.
Improper footwear.
Muscle, ligament and joint tautness.
A visit to a good strength and condition coach will help correct a poor running technique.
A visit to a specialist running shop will help you acquire proper footwear for you.Dont just buy a certain brand of shoe because your friend or clubmate has recommended them,what’s good for them may not be the type of shoe you need.
If you feel muscle or joint tightness have it treated, don’t let a stiff muscle become a muscle strain or worse a muscle tear,do you really want to start the new year injured,when it was totally avoidable in the first place.
Also when ever possible run on grass or trial, give your legs a break from the constant pounding from the road.
Your feet are amazing, please look after them.

Have a healthy 2017.

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Joe brady

Specialized therapy for chronic pain, injuries and tension.

A healthcare provider.