Heal the Achilles

The achilles tendon is the strongest tendon in the body and requires great strength because of the high force loads placed on the tendon when walking,running or jumping.

Achilles tendon disorders such as achilles tendinitis are prevalent
lower extremity injuries,especially among runners.
If you are suffering or have suffered with this condition you will have experienced the sharp pain in the heel when walking.
Running with this condition is next to impossible due to the excruciating pain you will experience.
If not treated properly ,tendinitis can cause achilles tendon weakening and can lead to partial or complete tendon ruptures.
You really don’t want to risk tendon rupture as surgical intervention will be needed.
I can help reduce achilles tendinitis by eliminating calf muscle tautness and also help reduce scar tissue which may be present in the achilles tendon.
I strongly advise anyone suffering with achilles tendinitis to have it treated as soon as possible.

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