Massage Therapy, An effective treatment of low back pain

At some point of our lives the vastmajority of us will have experienced low back pain.

For many years low back pain was thought to result primarily from structural disorders, such as disc herniation. While disc pathology does exist in some cases, many low back pain conditions do not involve disc herniation.
A large percentage of low back pain complaints involve strains to muscles,ligaments and tendons which can cause restrictions in movment in the lumbar spine, causing pain and discomfort.
Several factors contribute to low back pain such as poor posture,
Incorrect lifting techniques,
Sitting for long periods eg driving.
If you have or are suffering from this condition you may have experienced difficulty getting out of bed in the morning, or getting out of your car.
Standing for long periods, it can also affect your sleep at night.
There is no need to continue suffering with low back pain, I can help reduce your discomfort using specialized soft tissue massage therapy.
A large percentage of low back pain conditions can be resolved with conservative treatments such as massage because muscles are a primary source of pain
In my treatments I will focus on reducing muscle tautness and I will reduce any strains in the ligaments/tendons in the lower back.
I will give you stretches to do daily to help to reduce any remaining discomfort in the area
When the condition has been successfully treated and the client feels no pain I always recommend that the client starts to develope a strong core, by doing specific strengthing exercises focusing on the abdominal muscles.
Having a strong core greatly helps reduce pressure on the back muscles when for example lifting, helping prevent future injury to the area.
I strongly recommend clients doing pilates to help build strong core muscles.
Pilates classes are an excellent way to improve physical strength ,flexibility and posture.
We are really blessed to have two excellent pilates instructors working in our county
Saidhbe Farrell. Trim / Ratoath
Siobhan Delea. Athboy.

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Sciatica- A Real Pain In The Butt

Sciatica is a pain that radiates from the lower back down the leg.

It is caused by irritation of the sciatic nerve,(the longest nerve in the body), a nerve which runs down the spine,lower back, hips and down both legs.
Some of the causes of sciatica are disk protrusion, a tight piriformis muscle ( deep in the buttocks) which can compress the nerve and another cause of the condition can be by receiving a direct blow to the buttocks eg a person falling.
If you have ever suffered or are suffering with sciatica you will no doubt have experienced that sharp, shooting electrical pain in the lower back , gluteal region and sometimes going down into the leg.
The pain can be excruciating and simple tasks like walking,driving and sitting for long periods can be almost impossible to do.
Specialized massage therapy combined with stretching can greatly reduce sciatic pain and with daily stretching, totally eliminate this painfull condition.

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Joe brady

Specialized therapy for injuries,chronic pain and tension.

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Massage Therapy, Helping treat Whiplash

Whiplash, is a soft tissue injury to the neck, it is characterized by a collection of symptoms that occur following damage to the neck usually because of sudden extension and flexion.The disorder commonly occurs as the result of a road traffic accident and may include injury to invertebral joints, discs,ligaments,cervical muscles and nerve roots.

Symptoms such as neck pain may be present directly after the injury or may be delayed for several days, even weeks.
If you are suffering with the condition you will be familiar with the feeling of dull achy pain from muscle spasm, in the neck and shoulders.
You may feel stiffness that greatly limits range of motion in the neck.
(A major area of concern for people driving)
You don’t have to continue suffering with this condition, massage will greatly help reduce the symptoms of Whiplash safely and effectively.
In my treatment protocol I will help bring balance to all of the muscles of the cervical spine, essential in helping to resolve the problem.
My treatment of Whiplash is always done pain free.Great care is taken not to cause any further discomfort to the client during therapy.
I sometimes use dry needling during treatments as I find it greatly helps reduce muscle tautness in the neck and shoulders.
( if people don’t like needles, dry needling will not be used during treatments.)

I strongly advise anyone suffering with whiplash, who has been in car accident or has received a blow to the head to be evaluated by a Physician to help rule out the possibility of fracture, dislocation, or disc injury.
Only after the client has been cleared by their physician and they are no longer in the acute phase will I begin massage therapy.

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Specialized therapy for injuries,chronicpain and tension.

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