Non- Specific Back Pain

The most common form of back pain, which commonly has no obvious cause and usually has no obvious pathology connected to it.

This type of back pain is not directly linked to conditions such as arthritis,
disc herniation,nerve compression.
The condition may seem to be less complicated than someone suffering with disc herniation, but it is important to remember that the pain of Non – Specific Back Pain can be excruciating, often spreading to the buttocks and legs.
Some of the contributing causes may include poor posture, over- use,
Tight muscles in the back,gluteal area, over reaching / stretching.
This excruciating pain may be felt at its worse first thing in the morning as you try to get out of bed, it can also greatly cause severe discomfort as you attempt to do simple everyday tasks such as walking,getting up from a seated position eg from a car seat.
You really don’t need to continue suffering from Back pain.
Massage therapy combined with stretching can be highly effective in the treatment of Back Pain.
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