Plantar Pain – It Just Won’t Go Away

If you are suffering or have in the past suffered with Plantar fasciitis you will no doubt have felt that excruciating pain in the feet first thing in the morning after getting out of bed.

This excruciating pain will gradually reduce once the calf muscles and ligaments of both the ankle and foot warm up and you will gradually be able to walk without without limping. Thats until the following morning when that excruciating pain will be felt again.
One of the major causes of Plantar pain is due to severe tautness in the calf muscles and muscles in the feet.
This muscle tautness can be greatly reduced with effective soft tissue therapy, an area I specialize in.
In my treatment of Plantar fasciitis I focus on totally reducing muscle tautness in the calf muscles and I also remove any restrictions in the feet, focusing on muscle,ligaments tendons and the ankle joint itself.
It is important to have Plantar fasciitis worked on in the early stages, the longer you continue to carry on suffering with the condition, the greater the risk you take of developing heel spurs.
Unlike Plantar fasciitis pain,
Heel spur pain doesn’t go away once the muscles of the calf and feet warm up it stays with you constantly, it feels like you have stepped on a tiny sharp stone, when you place pressure on the heel pad, it’s a real sharp excruciating pain.
It is really worth avoiding developing heel spurs if at all possible.
I have only experienced plantar pain once in my lifetime and I made a promise to myself I would do everything in my power to make sure i never would experience that pain again, so now when ever I feel my calf muscles and plantar surface of my feet getting tight I make sure to have them worked on.
Prevention always better than cure.

I can and I want to help you.

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