It’s a long long road

We experience some great highs in athletics, that feeling you get when you achieve a personal best, that feeling of accomplishment when eg you complete the marathon distance.

Or even when you run and it feels like your floating, effortlessly.
But unfortunately you can also experience lows in athletics, such as that feeling when you are training for a race, all is going well and then suddenly you get injured.
This is really horrible feeling, it can take days or several weeks before you are running again.
You probably have experienced that feeling, you had the treatment,done the recovery work in the pool and on the stationery bike in an attempt to salvage some of your fitness.
Then when your cleared to start running again,you hit the road and foolishly try to make up the training time you have lost by starting back where you left off, you start running long distance too fast, too soon and then bang before you know it your injured again.
You simply have got to let your ligaments, tendons,muscles and joints re-adapt to the stress of running.
Start doing slow short distance and gradually build up distance and pace.
And always remember with our advancing years we simply need longer recovery time.
Have a little patience. enjoy your marathon preparation.

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The Importance of the warm-up

Learning to endure pain isn’t as much fun as learning to prevent injury altogether. That’s why warm up exercises are of such importance to runners.

Tendons are more easily torn and injured if muscles are tight.
If muscles are stretched and are flexible, tendons don’t have to carry so much of the strain and therefore injuries involving tendonitis are greatly reduced.
Frequently, overuse injuries show up as tendonitis, which is an inflammation of the tendon or the sheath that surrounds it.
Tendons attach muscle to bone, tendons have a poor blood supply, one of the main reasons why they can take so long to heal.
It can sometimes take a runner with tendonitis a year or more to heal completely, please remember that fact.
Always do the Warm up followed by stretching.

Prevention always better than cure.

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Joe brady

Specialised therapy for injuries,chronic pain and tension.

A healthcare provider.

Marathon Race Day Fast Approaching

If you are currently training for one of the Autumn marathons, Berlin,Chicago, Dublin, I hope your preparation is going well.

At this stage You should be now use to running long and your weekly mileage should also be increasing, but unfortunately with the increase in both mileage and distance comes an increase in the chance of getting injured.
If you have any discomfort in muscles,tendons ligaments or in your joints I strongly advise you to have it treated as soon as you can.
Don’t continue to train even with a slight muscle strain, you are putting yourself at risk of doing real harm.
In my experience better to have it treated and maybe if need be have a few days off to allow the injury to heal properly.
Better to miss a few days if you have too at this stage of your marathon preparation than to be forced to having to take off several weeks/months.
There is really nothing as frustrating for an athlete than not been able to train due to illness or injury.

Enjoy your preparation and stay healthy.

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Joe brady

Specialized therapy for injuries, chronic pain and tension.

A healthcare provider.