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It’s a long long road

We experience some great highs in athletics, that feeling you get when you achieve a personal best, that feeling of accomplishment when eg you complete the marathon distance. Or even when you run and it feels like your floating, effortlessly. But unfortunately you can also experience lows in athletics, such as that feeling when you […]

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The Importance of the warm-up

Learning to endure pain isn’t as much fun as learning to prevent injury altogether. That’s why warm up exercises are of such importance to runners. Tendons are more easily torn and injured if muscles are tight. If muscles are stretched and are flexible, tendons don’t have to carry so much of the strain and therefore […]

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Marathon Race Day Fast Approaching

If you are currently training for one of the Autumn marathons, Berlin,Chicago, Dublin, I hope your preparation is going well. At this stage You should be now use to running long and your weekly mileage should also be increasing, but unfortunately with the increase in both mileage and distance comes an increase in the chance […]

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