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Kiltales Greatest Sportsman

You may think with the County hurling final taking place on Saturday 30th, that im going to start to compare Kiltale hurlers past and present, in my post today. Not a chance of that happening, i am after all part of the Kildalkey backroom team. Anyway the Greatest sportsman ever to hail from Kiltale was […]

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Proper preparation , peak performance

Any athlete who is reasonably fit and healthy will most likely be able to run 5km or even 10km without great difficulty. However there are few amongst us who without several weeks/ months of training would complete the 42km marathon distance. Yes people do stand on the startline of the classic distance with little or […]

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Try a Little Country

I always loved this time of year, late autumn, just before the onset of Winter. The trees are in their Autumn glory, the ground is getting softer, just perfect for the start of the cross- country season. If you have never ran a cross- country race, you are really missing out on a wonderful experience. […]

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