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Medi cupping for plantar fasciitis

Medi  Cupping is an excellent therapy when treating conditions of the feet. With Medi Cupping the tissue is lifted, not compressed like other traditional methods. This lifting with suction is excellent at reducing tight tissue. It also allows increased blood flow into the area been worked on, which generates healing almost instantly. When treating conditions […]

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Look after your feet

Many of the problems that we encounter in our feet are caused by muscular overuse, due to extreme muscle tightness. When you consider what we put our feet through every day, should we be at all surprised? Long hours, spent standing or walking, particularly if done on hard surfaces such as concrete can really cause […]

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Plantar Fasciitis- Treating the Cause before the symptom

Plantar fasciitis is an overuse condition of the foot causing disorganisation and irritation of the Plantar fascia.It results from improper forces to the foot. The most common cause of the condition is caused by the calf muscles been tight which can cause people to place excessive pressure on the toes when walking, which in turn […]

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