Plantar fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis pain,
May not be coming from your Feet.

That sharp pain you experience first thing in the morning as you place your feet on the floor is not always caused by issues with your feet.
In fact the pain may be only a symptom and the real cause of that pain may be due to muscle tautness further up the body in the calf, hamstring or even in the pelvic muscles.
If the muscles of the pelvic girdle are not balanced or functioning correctly, if can cause a pull to the hamstring muscles which pull on the calf muscles which pull on the plantar surface of the feet, causing irritation to the plantar, leading to the that pain you are feeling.
So i find it is most important to reduce muscle tightness in the feet , calf , hamstring and glutes when treating the condition.
Of the 7 muscles on the back of the leg, 4 are directly connected to bones in the feet.
That’s why i always talk about the importance of treating the cause before working on the symptoms.
It is also important to note that Plantar Fasciitis pain does not start or end the same for everyone. So there is no protocol to follow when treating the condition.
What helps one person recover from the condition may not help another.
For example orthotics may give great relief to a person suffering with the condtion ( due to having pelvis problems or conditions with the feet) but would be of little benefit to someone suffering plantar pain due to tight calf muscles that are pulling on the plantar fascia.
So it is always important to do a full assessment of the feet, leg muscles and pelvis before begining a treatment plan when treating Plantar Fasciitis.
It is most important if you are suffering with Plantar Pain to have it treated as soon as possible, don’t let it become a chronic condition. Why continue to suffer that Pain.

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Chinese massage suction cupping

An excellent treatment, when treating tight muscles in the Back. The results are amazing and the effects can be felt as soon as the cups are removed from the treated area.

Unlike general massage therapy, where the tissue is compressed, suction cupping lifts the tissue allowing blood and lymph to flow between the deeper tissues, helping to greatly promote the healing process.
It also helps to greatly reduce muscle stiffness and tautness deep in the muscle tissue.

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Discolouration after cupping treatment

Discoloration during or after a treatment is always an added bonus as it is a great indication of the release of intense stagnation (body fliuds and toxins ) in the treated area.

This is not a bruise and will dissipate anywhere between and few hours or in some cases it may take a few days.
The feeling after this treatment is simply amazing.

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