Healing the Achilles Heal

One of the greatest challenges when treating

Achilles Tendon issues ,I find is the challenge of increasing blood supply to the area. All injuried tissue needs a good blood supply so as to help with the bodys healing process.
Blood supply around the achilles is rather poor,
One of the reasons achilles injuries can take so long to heal and be also difficult to treat.I find
Ace Massage Cupping therapy is an excellent modalitie when used in helping to increase blood flow to an area. It also helps to increase lymphatic drainage to the an injuried area, which will help to reduce swelling in the area, further speeding up the healing process.
Another added bonus when using suction cupping,in the treatment of injuries is that it helps to sedate the nerves in the area. Amazingly we sometimes forget the nervous system when we treat injuries, the nervous system plays such an important part in our bodys system ,
So we can never forget the nervous systemn when treating injuries.
I also find suction cupping is an excellent treatment when used in helping reduce calf muscle tightness, which can also greatly contribute to achilles disorders.

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Achilles‘ tendinopathy

The achilles tendon is the strongest tendon in the body and requires this strength because of the high force loads we place on the tendon,

When we run, walk and land on the feet after jumping.
We place up to 4 times our body weight on the tendon when we run. So it is of no great surprise that so many runners will at some stage have experienced that sharp pain in the tendon.
That pain is always worse in the morning or at the start of a run, and then surprisingly it reduces during the run but after the run is completed, that pain returns with great discomfort.
Some of the most common causes of the condition are increasing mileage too rapidly.
Running on slopes, running on hard ground and over pronation.
Some runners will carry on running through this discomfort, thinking it can’t be serious as the pain is gone when get into the run.
They will ice the area and stretch the calf and hope the injury heals in quick time.
Achilles tendinopathy is not like muscle strains
And the treatment of rest, ice, compression and elevation does not work with the condition.
There are micro/tears to the tendon, so a different treatment plan must be used.
Manual therapy and strenghting work on the tendon are highly effective when treating Achilles Tendinopathy, yielding excellent results
It is unlike the other muscle injuries for example a calf strain as the quicker the individual gets back to exercise the better.
But that return to activity must be slow and the work load is only increased gradually.
Another major concern when treating any issues with the achilles is it has very pòor blood supply, which makes treating any injury even more complicated.
Muscle and tendon injuries need blood supply to help speed up the healing process.
I have found using modalities like dry needling, suction cupping with vacuumn are both excellent when used during treatment of achilles tendons, in helping to increase the blood flow to the area.
Thus really helping to speed up the recovery process.
It is really important to have this condition treated in its early stages.
If you carry on training through the pain you are at the risk of causing a complete tear to the achilles tendon. Surgery will then to needed and the recovery process will be long.
You really dont need to go down that road.

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