Dublin Marathon, Raceday fast approaching

In a little over two weeks time, thousands of runners will toe the startline of the Capital’s Marathon. If you have reached this stage, injury

free, healthy and have reached all your training goals, well done, take a bow.
If you have missed out some of your training due to illness or injury don’t panic and don’t attempt to try to include extra runs into your weekly training log at this late stage to help make up for lost time.
There is very little you can do at this stage doing extra long runs or doing extra speedwork that will improve your race times on the big day.
It is now taper time. Getting to the startline fresh and ready to run is now your main focus.
If you have any niggles or muscle tightness, have it addressed in the next week or so.
Don’t stand on the startline on October 28th feeling muscle stiffness or having even a slight
discomfort in the body. Feeling slighty stiff at mile one will feel totally different by the time you reach mile 25, trust me its not a nice feeling.
These are the things that are in your control, so no excuses, take control.
I strongly advise anyone who is injuried not to attempt to start the race. Why why why take the
Risk of causing an even more serious injury to your body.
You might never run again. There will be other races in the future. Very soon Dublin Marathon 2018 will be a distant memory.

Enjoy your Taper Time. Standing on that startline fresh and ready to run is your focus now.

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Joe Brady.

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Lymph Drainage Massage, helping to reduce lymphedema

Lymph Drainage Massage is a highly effective treatment in helping to reduce Lymphedema.

The gentle treatment helps to reduce the swelling that normally occurs in the arms or legs, post surgery.
Lymphedema is most commonly caused by removal or damage to Lymph Nodes as part of cancer surgery.
The swelling can feel really uncomfortable and pain can be felt in the fingers and wrists.
The tissue swelling can also cause limited movement in the joints.
I do not treat any clients with Lymphedema until at least 6 weeks after surgery.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding Lymph Drainage Massage.
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Joe Brady.