Plantar fasciitis

” When our Feet hurt, We hurt all over.”

Anyone who has experienced Plantar pain will without doubt have felt that excruciating pain, after taken those dreaded first few steps, after gettting out of bed. It may take several minutes
before that pain eases after the muscles and ligaments eventually warm up and then they can place the foot on the ground with some ease. Walking down a stairs however may take a little longer as the calf muscles may feel really tight, with a burning sensation felt in the muscle.
Plantar Fasciitis is a really unpleasant condtion and its causes can be hard to detect.
Some of the causes of Plantar Fasciitis are improper unsupportive footwear, standing for long periods of time on hard surfaces.
Trauma to the sole of the foot, fallen arches,
High arches. Another major cause of the condition may be due to weak muscles in the lower legs, and even weak glute muscles can play a major role in the root cause of the condition.
It can be sometimes be caused by a combination of a some of the above , so treating Plantar pain can be made even more difficult,as a result.
There is certainly no quick fix when treating the condtion and every case has to be treated individually.
Treating Plantar Fasciitis with a combination of massage and suction cupping achieves excellent results ,helping to reduce overall musle tautness in the calf muscles. All the joints of the feet are then mobilized to help return normal range of movement between the bones of the feet, including all the toe’s.
Then i focus on the tender area of the foot to complete the treatment. It is most important that the client continues to do the homecare after the treatment, this will really enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.
That will normally involve stretching of calf muscles and the plantar surface of the foot.
Then if any weak muscles need to be strenghten they will worked on.
The longer Plantar Fasciitis pain is ignored, the longer it will take to heal.
There is really no need to continue suffering Plantar Pain, once discomfort is felt in the feet have it treated. Don’t let it become a chronic condtion.

When our feet hurt, We hurt all over.

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People can start to feel better.
Joe Brady.

The Dreaded First Step of the Day

Plantar Fasciitis Pain.
“That Dreaded First Step Of The Day”

People who are suffering with Plantar Fasciitis pain, will always tell you the pain that they experience with the condition, is always at it worst first thing in the morning when they attempt to place their feet on the bedroom floor after getting out of bed.
That is when the pain is excruciating and the pain can last for several minutes as they struggle to walk , hobbling around the bedroom. Its really only when the ligaments and calf musles eventually warm up, that the intensity of pain can then start to reduce.
That same pain can be also felt after standing up initially after seating for a long period of time.
Amazingly the pain felt with Plantar Fasciitis can sometimes be reduced during exercise but will return once the muscles and ligaments start to cool down. But with someone suffering with chronic Plantar pain, exercise may alas, prove to be impossible.
There are several causes to the condition,
such as, repetitive trauma to the foot,
improper footwear, standing for long periods of time on hard surfaces, excessive weight gain and biomechanical factors such as having flat feet or high arches. A major contributor to Plantar Fasciitis is due to having really tight calf and foot muscles, that pull on the fascia at the base of the foot.
I have only ever experienced Plantar pain on one occasion in my lifetime , due to suffering a trauma to my right foot during a cross-country race, i stepped on a tree root. That pain i will never forget and i hope i never experience it again.
Massage therapy, suction cupping and stretching totally reduced the discomfort i had been feeling in only a few sessions.
I have always found that calf muscles, plantar muscles and ligaments are always taut with anyone suffering with the condition.
So it is most important to have this muscle tautness totally reduced before dealing with the irritated area of the plantar fascia.
If you are at present suffering with Plantar pain,
I strongly advise you to have it treated in its early stages, don’t let it become a chronic condition. There is really no need to continue suffering with that discomfort.

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Plantar Fasciitis

With Plantar Fasciitis.
Pain is inevitable, suffering is Optional.

People who are suffering with Plantar Fasciitis will often describe that feeling of excruiciating pain and stiffness in the foot, first thing in the morning, that feeling like a tearing in the sole of the foot. They will always tell you about the tightness felt in the calf muscles, so tight that to try to walk down a stairs quickly is almost
Impossible. At least that is until the calf muscles are warmed up, then it can become a little easier.
Plantar fasciitis pain doesn’t start or end in the same way for everyone.
There are several causes of the condition, such as standing on hard surfaces, poor supportive footwear. trauma to the sole of the foot, biomechanical factors such as flat feet or high arches.
So the same Protocal can not be used when treating the condtion. Therefore it is most important to have taken a full history and assesment of each individual case before a treatment plan can begin.
For example treating Plantar faciitis caused by a client with flat feet would not be the same treatment as treating plantar pain due to a trauma.
Although there is one common factor when treating the condition, and it is a very important factor that i have found always yields excellent
results in the treatment of the condition and that is, the calf muscles and muscles of the feet have got to be fully worked on to help remove any stiffness or tightness from the muscles and to also release any restrictions in the joints of the feet.
Then the focus of the treatment can be placed on the tender area. If it is still there, as sometimes after all the tauntness is removed in the other muscles and joints, the original pain can be totally reduced.
I find massage, suction cupping combined with
stretching really gets great results when treating the condtion.
It is most important to have Plantar fasciitis treated in its early stages before the condtion becomes chronic. Why people continue to suffer foot pain for several weeks, even months, simply amazes me.
While i have treated several cases of the condtion in its chronic stage and still achieved excellent results, it does take a slightly longer period of time to effectively treat the condition.
So there is really no need to continue suffering foot pain every morning. Help is out there.

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People can start to feel better.
Joe Brady.