Irritable Bowel Syndrome

” So why if i don’t look sick on the outside,

do i feel as my insides are been ripped apart ? ”

People who suffer with that dreadful hidden illness, IBS, will always talk of the excruciating abdominal pain and cramping, felt at the onset of the condition. If that wasn’t bad enough that abdominal pain is then followed by severe constipation, followed by severe diarrhea.
It would be be a real challenge to have to deal with one of the above conditions, but to be faced with all three of them in a short space of time! now that is a real challenge and its of no great surprise to me that the IBS can really effect the quality of life of a person suffering with the condition.
Then theres the fatigue caused by lack of sleep due to the suffering with cramps in the tummy at night or by having to spend so much time in the bathroom with diarrhea.
Total loss of appetite,leading to weight loss.
People suffering with IBS may really find it difficult to leave the safety of their homes. They will always need access to a toilet, that will always be their first concern. So everyday activities eg, work, driving long distance, sporting activites may have to be put on hold, until the person starts to feel better again.
While there is no specific cause of the condition, it is now felt that people who suffer with IBS have a colon that is more sensitive and reactive to certain foods and stress.

Reflexology is an excellent and highly effective therapy in the treatment of IBS.
During a reflexology treatment three key areas can be worked on which will help to greatly reduce the symptoms of IBS.
The reflex areas of the
Large bowel, ( helping reduce constipation)
Small bowel,( diarrhea, helping to calm down an overactive area) without causing any discomfort to an area that can sometimes feel really tender.
Pituitary and Adrenal glands will then be worked on to help reduce stress throughout the body.

Dealing with food intolerances, i feel can be acheived over a period of time,
It may be a period of trial and error but overall i feel it can be achevied with some patience.

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People can Start to Feel Better.
Joe Brady.

“Member of the National Register of Reflexologists (Ireland)”

It’s the most Wonderful time of the year

Christmas time is for many of us a, wonderful time of the year. A time when we can simply overindulge in our intake of food and drink,, without feeling guilty.
Sadly for people who suffer with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Christmas can be anything but wonderful.
IBS can be greatly aggravited by the worry stress and anxiety felt at this time of year.
Then there is the ordeal of making sure to avoid types of food that can help cause flare ups.
That horrible feeling of tummy cramps, constipation and then finally having to cope with diarrhoea.
It is a horrible condition that can prevent people leaving their homes due to the constant need to be always near a toilet.
But there is a therapy that is excellent in the treatment of IBS, Reflexology.
Reflexology acheives great results when used to help treat the condition,
Working on the reflexes of the feet,all the key areas associated with the condtion can be treated individually, without causing further discomfort to the client. Helping to reduce the tummy cramps, constipation, helping to reduce the urge to constantly need to use the toilet.

If you need any further information about the treatment of IBS using Reflexology, please feel free to call me on 0862465163.
Joe Brady.

People can start to feel better.

Member of The National Register of Reflexologists (Ireland).

Reflexology – the missing piece to my jigsaw

One part of the human body, i always love to work on, is the Feet. The Feet are always over worked and very seldom treated. It is only when people start to have issues with their feet that they may eventually seek some help.

I always wanted to study Reflexology but i always had an excuse not too, i have matches to work at every weekend, i just dont have the time, i need to find a really good tutor, where will i find one of them. I am getting to old for all this study lark.
So one day in the Summer of 2017 a client of mine told me, contact the Obus Centre in Leixlip, where they have an outstanding tutor teaching Reflexology, Denise Hanlon. No more excuses, do it.
So i enrolled, i would stop working pitchside freeing up my weekends and allowing me time to study Relexology in 2018. It was one of the best decisions i have ever made and last week i finally crossed the finish line, Exam Results were in, job done.
I want to take this opportunity to thank some people today for helping me on that journey.
To our course tutor Denise Hanlon, thank you for you sheer passion, patience,and for sharing your vast knowledge with us over the last year.
You are one in a million, i can’t thank you enough.
To all my fellow classmates, thank you for sharing a great year with me. We really bonded well together and lifelong friendships have been formed. See you all on grad night.
To all of my clients who allowed me to work on their feet as my case studies, thank you.
You were always available when i needed you and this helped me to finish ahead of time, which meant i had extra time to study in the Autumn, which i needed.
Last but by no means least, a big thank you to my daughter Aleisha who was my model on exam day and who also done all the typing of my case study notes. I would still be typing it today if it was not for her. Thanks a million.
Reflexology is a beautiful treatment and can help treat a vast amount of conditions in the body.While i will aim to treat a vast amount of various conditions in my treatments, I will be specialising in my Reflexology in helping treat people who are suffering with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
I myself have experince in living with Bowel disease having myself suffered with Colitis in the past.
So i am looking forward to starting a new chapter using the beautiful treatment that is,

Please feel to call me on 0862465163.

Joe Brady.