Living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Life Beyond The Toilet.


Living with IBD can be really hard, the severe stomach cramps, followed by diarrhea and then there’s the blood, oh so much blood.

Those endless trips to the bathroom, day and night it never seems to end. I will never forget just how sick i felt and then there is that horrrible feeling of fatigue due to the lack of sleep and the total loss of appetite.
Living with IBS can be just as difficult, the severe stomach cramps, constipation and then the diarrhea, ( not always in that order).
While medication can help to reduce the symptoms of both IBD and IBS, there is another area that is rearly treated and hardly ever discussed, the mental side of both condtions , caused by dealing with stress which can cause
anxiety eventually leading to depression”.
It was my stoma nurse in St Vincents Hospital, who first spoke to me of the need to have maybe some holistic therapy to help reduce some of the anxiety and depression i may have been suffering from.
She explained to me that It is really common for people suffering with IBD or IBS to suffer with anxiety and depression. The stress caused by having to deal with these condtions leads to suffering with severe anxiety leading to depression. (I also had to deal with surgery and now i had the addtion of an ostomy bag attached to my side).
She spoke in great detail about how effective
Reflexology was when used to help reduce stress and anxiety. She felt It would also be of great benefit in helping to build up my depleted immune system, which would also help both my external and internal scars to start to heal.
I was a little sceptical at first but she found me a reflexologist, who was also a stoma nurse living in Mullingar. So i had a Reflexology treatment once a week for a month, and i was amazed at the results. I got a new zest for life, i was no longer lying on the couch, looking at my scar and ostomy bag, feeling sorry for myself.
I was soon walking 6 miles a day, and after 3 months post surgery i was running again, only short distances at first, but i was feeling good again, i never thought i would feel as good again. I was soon back to full health Thank God.
I was really amazed at the results with Reflexology and i was determined to add Reflexology to my treatment modalites.
So although it took a little longer than i had intended, i qualified as a Reflexologist last November. While i can treat a vast amount of various condtions using Reflexology, i want to specialise in helping to treat clients suffering with IBD and IBS.
Having suffered with severe Ulcerative Colitis over 10 years ago, i know what people suffering with the illness are going through and just how much it impacts their daily lives.
I have also had to cope with living with an ostomy bag and the added challenges that brought.
There is never a need to suffer with IBD or IBS alone. It is stressful enough without adding further stress to an already stressful condtion. There is always help out there. There are some great support groups on Facebook and there are some amazing people out there swapping life stories and giving advice on a host of issues. You are never on your own.

Please feel free to call me at anytime on 0862465163.

People can Start to Feel Better.

Member of the National Register of Reflexologists ( Ireland ).