Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, seek help sooner rather than later

People suffering with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome will always describe that awful feeling of tingling and numbness in the fingers, hand and wrist. That discomfort can make simple everyday tasks such as driving, using a keyboard, holding a pen, really difficult to do.

That discomfort can be felt even when the fingers, wrist are not been used eg when sleeping, (as some people sleep with their wrists bent, putting pressure on the nerve)
The longer Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), is left untreated, the greater the risk of causing real damage to the median nerve.
That pain, tingling and numbness felt in the wrist, hand and fingers is caused by compression of the median nerve as it passes through a narrow space in the wrist.
Space in the wrist is at a premium, as there are also nine tendons using the same passage.
If any one of these tendons is touching the nerve if will help cause that discomfort.
Other factors can include extreme tightness in the wrist due to over developed wrist flexors.
Carpal bones that may be displaced can also compress the nerve.
There is no need to continue suffering with this horrible condtion, there is help out there.
Orthopedic massage therapy is highly effective
when used to treat the condtion (CTS).
The main focus when treating (CTS) is to create space in the wrist, arm and hand.
This work will help to take that pressure off the median nerve, which will reduce the tingling and numbness felt in the fingers.
I find suction cupping with vaccum is excellent
when used in the treatment of (CTS) as it really loosens all the muscles, soft tissue, tendons and ligaments in the wrist, hand and arm.
The results after a session of cupping are simply amazing.
Every session is completed with stretching of the wrist and mobilization of the wrist joint helping to greatly enhance the treatment.

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