Anxiety & Depression – Are you okay today?

For far too long society veiwed discussion around mental health as being a sign of weakness and that anyone suffering with the condtion was somehow seen as incomplete as a human being. I am glad to say, times are at long last begining to change and nowadays there is a great increase in awarness of people suffering with Depression.

For people suffering with Anxiety disorders however there is still a distinct feeling that it is widely ignored and under reported.
This is after all a condtion that affects so many people and if left untreated can lead to Depression and substance abuse.
It is our duty to make sure people suffering with Anxiety disorders are no longer left to feel
isolated, dealing with these issues on their own. We can do so much to help, but we need to make a real effort.
We can all play our part, we can start by making sure to always be there for any friend, work colleague or family member who is suffering with this horrible condtion.
If we feel someone is suffering with Anxiety disorders be there for them, it really helps if they feel they have someone there with them.
listening to them, with understanding, with kindness and giving them most importantly human support. It is amazing how much better people feel after they have talked to a person who has taken the time to really listen to them. Now i mean been physically present, i dont mean talking on a phone, texting
ect, that physical contact is really so important. It really shows the person that you care, anyone can send a text message.
If they feel that may need further help to deal with Anxiety, you can then help to support them by making sure they pay a visit to there GP, and then if need further help with a therapist, help them make that contact, without that support, they may not seek that help that would be so important in helping them start on the road to recovery.
Let us start to look after each other, we can all really begin to help people suffering with Anxiety. It is time to play your part, we can play such an important part in both helping people suffering with this horrible condtion and also by helping to increase Awareness of Anxiety Disorders.

If you feel you need any help or advice in dealing with Anxiety Disorders please feel free to call me on 0862465163.

Joe Brady.

People can start to feel better.

Anxiety Disorders / Panic attacks

“The Worst Feeling in the World is trying to hold back a Panic Attack in Public ”

Panic Attacks, that horrible feeling of fear and dread, that can suddenly strike without reason or warning. That feeling of extreme tightness in
the chest, difficulty in breathing, the dizziness,
trembling, chills, sweating and the heart pounding.
These attacks can last for several minutes and can strike at anytime, leaving the person suffering with them, always worrying about when the next one will occur, causing them to even sometimes becoming totally withdrawn from the outside World, staying indoors, leading them to further suffering with feelings of isolation and loneliness. As a resut of suffering with this horrible condtion, these Panic Attacks can prevent people living normal everday lives.
While Panic Attacks can never be entirely cured, they can be effectively managed to the point that they no longer significantly impact on a person’s life.
So the good news is, there are several methods and therapies out there that will help to greatly reduce Panic Attacks.
A really effective therapy used to help reduce Panic attacks, is the ancient therapy, Reiki.
I love to use this beautiful therapy to help people suffering Anxiety disorders.
I have found some excellent results can be acheived when using this gentle therapy to help reduce Panic Attacks.
Some of the benefits of using Reiki to help treat Panic Attacks are that during a treatment
the person will be given a chance go into a state of deep relaxation, this is really important as for so long any real feeling of relaxation would have not have been experienced due to having been in a constant anxious state of worry and anxiety. During a treatment they can start to focus on themselvels and begin to develope a real sense of calmness.
Panic Attacks can cause people to feel isolated and lonely, these feelings can only serve to worsen the effects of Panic Attacks and may even increase the severity of these atracks.
During a Reiki healing, i will always make sure to place the person having the healing in a safe comfortable space, making that special connection, with compassion and with a genuine sense of caring, which helps to ensure the person, that they are no longer suffering alone in isolation.
Another great benefit acheived during a Reiki session is that it allows the client to really focus their energy on relaxation and healing.
As these sessions progress, maintaing this focus becomes second nature to the client.
This new technique can then be used in the future to help restore calmness before a Panic Attack starts.
At the end of a treatment i will take the client through several techniques that will help reduce anxiety and panic attacks eg breathing
techniques, going forward into the future. It is most important that the home care is done by the client, while Reiki is a wonderful therapy when used to help reduce anxiety, it is not a magic wand and the client must make sure to continue to use these newly learned techniques to help keep panic attacks at bay.

There is no need to continue suffering alone,
help is always out there.

If you would like some help in dealing with
Anxiety / Panic Attacks, please feel free to contact me on 0862465163.

People can start to feel better.
Joe Brady.

Stress / Anxiety, the physical symptoms

“Back Pain is such an uncomfortable feeling,

that even a tiny amount of it is enough to ruin
every enjoyment”.

Almost everyone of us will experience back pain at sometime in our lives.
From a dull ache, to that horrible stabbing/ shooting sensation, back pain can be really debilitating.
The pain can become so intense, that it can become really uncomfortable for sufferer’s to try to sit, to stand up, walk, that pain can greatly restrict our movement and it can even prevent us from sleeping, as getting into a comfortable position is too painful.
Back pain is a common problem that can have so many different causes eg, a bad night’s sleep, an uncomfortable chair, heavy lifting, spending too much time standing on hard surfaces among others.
However medical science is now recognising
the link between mental and physical health.
Our Back pain can be as a result of Stress/ Anxiety
While some people manifest Stress/Anxiety in their minds, running through the different problems and solutions, others will manifest it physically.
This physical reaction may be unnoticeable to the individual and to everyone around them but it is significant enough to eventually cause real pain in our bodies.
Stress/ Anxiety causes us to tighten our muscles, particularly in our neck, shoulders, upper back and even down the spine, tension in these muscles builds up eventually leading to real discomfort and acute pain.
You may be tempted to ignore this pain and try to get on with your day but doing so will only cause the problem to gradually worsen.
If this pain and discomfort is not treated, it will become chronic and will then will start to really impact on a persons health.
The good news is that back pain can be effectively treated using Massage Therapy.
I love to treat back pain using Specialised Orthopedic massage therapy, it is really effective at reducing tightness in the muscles, helping to really reduce stress and tension in the muscles, ligaments and tendons of the back, neck and shoulders.
I always make sure that the treatment is always done without causing any further discomfort to the person having the treatment.
Best results in Massage therapy are achieved when the muscles that are been worked on are in a fully relaxed state, as it is then so much easier to get deeper into the muscle fibers.
There is clearly no need to continue suffering with pain and discomfort, there is always help out there.

Please feel free to call me 0862465163

People can start to feel better.
Joe Brady.

Living with Anxiety Disorders

A Quieter Mind, A Calmer You.

Living with Anxiety can feel like constantly living in a really fearful state, it is a really horrible feeling thats simply impossible to see a way out of. It’s exhausting, frustrating and can be terrifying, it’s like been stuck in a suffocating glass case, feeling sick as you gaze at the World outside, wondering what would it really feel like to be’ normal’ again?
It is hard to believe that a person suffering with extreme Anxiety can be suffering with such horrible symptoms, tingling fingers, tightness in the chest, nausea, rapid heart rate, breathlessness, dizziness, and appear to be totally oblivious to everyone around them.
Sadly this is one of the main reasons, people suffering with Anxiety will continue to suffer alone and not seek help to deal with these horrible condtions.
They feel they simply won’t be believed when they seek help from friends and family.
We have all heard of that usual response, ” you look fine, there is nothing wrong with you”
Let me make this clear Anxiety Disorders are a mental illness, that can keep you from carrying on with a normal life, Anxiety Disorders need to be treated the same way as any other illness or injury.
Anxiety disorders if left untreated, simply will not just go away.
The good news is there is always help out there and peolpe do not need to continue to suffer with this horrible condtion alone.
I love to help people suffering with Anxiety Disorders, using that beautiful ancient therapy, Reiki.
It is a wonderful gentle treatment that helps to bring calmness to the mind and body. It really helps to melt away stress and anxiety that has sometimes been built up for so long in the body and mind, it is really effictive in helping the person suffering with anxiety to put it into perspective and therefore helping to simply let it go.
Reiki is also an excellent therapy in helping the person shift attention away from those continous anxious thoughts, restoring camlness, helping to create a quiet mind.
At the end of a session I will introduce clients, to various different techniques that may help to keep that extreme anxiety away.
That allows the person suffering with Anxiety to take back control and that is really important
to people who have been suffering with the condtion.
Now i know it can be really daunting for someone who has been suffering with extreme Anxiety to make that intial contact with a therapist, most likely someone they have never met before, but trust me when i tell you, that when you look back in several weeks from now you will be really glad you did.
I always make sure to create a safe space for the person receiving the treatment, i make sure to always listen attentively without judgement as they talk about their issues and concerns at the start of the session.
It is most important to know that you are not alone. Anxiety disorders are among the most common mental health issues and are highly treatable. So take those first steps to help reduce the symptoms and take back control of
your life.

Please feel to contact me on 0862465163.
Joe Brady.

People can start to feel better.

Neck pain, can be a real headache

“Dear Headache,

Why are you inflicting so much pain on me today. Today of all days, i have that presentation to prepare, i simply will not be able to complete it now, another wasted day.”

We have all had to deal with that horrible feeling, the headache, that suddenly seems to just appear out of nowhere, always at a time when we are most stressed when we are at our busiest at work , always at a time when we can least afford to take anytime off.
Tension or stress headaches , that horrible feeling of dull pain, that tightness, pressure
felt around the forehead , it can feel like a great clamp squeezing the skull.
We do normally get a warning sign though, you know, that time when we start to feel tension/ stifness in the shouders and neck muscles, but most of us seem for some reason seem to ignore these signs and carry on regardless, hoping it will somehow just go away, but it doesn’t go away it even gets worse and over a period of time, suddenly out of nowhere it strikes, always at a time when we really do not need it we have to deal with a major headache.
Sometimes the pain gets so bad, it can hurt our eyes, that pain felt in the eyes can make everyday tasks such looking at a computer screen, laptop even driving a car simply impossible to do. That pain can even be felt in the base of the skull going into the jaw bone.
It can get so bad, that chewing of food, talking can also become really uncomfortable, to do.
While medication can reduce some of the pain and discomfort, it may only be temporary.
The root cause of the issue has got to be dealt with, that is tension and stress in the muscles of the shoulders, neck and upper back , has to be removed.
Massage therapy is the most effective treatment when used to reduce muscle tension.
I love to use Orthopedic massage, to help reduce muscle tension and stress in the neck, shoulders and head.
It is a specialised therapy, that can take at least one hour to complete, it is never a quick fix, as all of the different muscle groups have got to be worked on, reducing stress, tension in the muscles and bringing back muscle lenght to the shortened muscles . The session is always completed with gentle stretching of the neck and shoulders.
In some extreme cases, the muscles of the face will have to be worked on.
All of the work is done pain free, as the best results are always achieved when working with relaxed muscles.
I always love working the neck, upper back and shoulers using this therapy as results can be seen almost immediatley, with an increased range of movement of the neck and a great reduction in pain when doing so.
So the good news is there is always help out there, you don’t have to continue sufferig with headaches, don’t ignore the warning signs.
Massage therapy will help to reduce tension and stress in the neck, shoulders and upper back, helping to keep headaches at bay.

Please feel free to call me 0862465163.
Joe Brady.

People can start to feel better.