“The Human foot is a Masterpiece of Engineering and a work of Art” ( Leonardo da Vinci )

Our feet are a highly sensitive part of our bodies, no great surprise there, as they do after all contain several thousand nerve endings. It is no wonder then we will feel sharp pain and extreme discomfort when we attempt to walk, when we are suffering with condtions like Plantar Fasciitis, Heel spurs, Achilles tendonitis, Mortons Neuroma.

Our feet will soon let us know when something is not just right.
While not all foot pain is serious, if we start to feel pain and discomfort that continues to last for several days, it is best then to have the problem assessed and if necessary have it treated.
There maybe occassions when we feel discomfort in the feet may be due to some other minor issues eg, wearing unsupportive footwear, an issue that can be very easily corrected.
Other factors that can cause discomfort to our feet and ankles for example excessive running on hard surfaces, road running can really place so much pressure on our feet, ankles and calf muscles, but we can reduce all that pounding on asphlat/ concrete by switching to softer more surfaces like grass, sand and trial.
Pain and discomfort in the feet can also be caused by excessive tautness in the calf muscles and stiffness in the ankle joints and adhesions between the bones of the foot, once this muscle tightness is released using for example massage therapy, much of the pain felt will be greatly reduced.
The more serious condtions however, like Plantar pain and tendonitis will need to be fully assesed and if needed, properly treated. With these more serious foot condtions it is most important to have them treated in the early stages, to help prevent them becoming chronic condtions.
Chronic foot pain takes longer to effectively treat, so the sooner the treatment begins the better.
It is important to note, that not all pain in the plantar surface of the foot is Plantar fasciitis,
it can be due to other issues eg, a strain to a ligament or a tear in the plantar tendon itself, that tear may need surgical intervention.
Nowadays, thankfully there are several highly effective therapies available to help treat and greatly reduce foot pain.
I love to treat foot condtions using different modalities such as sucton cupping, scrapping, dry needling, orthopedic massage to help effectively reduce pain and discomfort in the feet. I will always make sure that all work done to the feet is carried out without causing further pain or discomfort to the client.
That is really important as to effectively treat any muscle,tendon or ligament the client must be in a fully state of relaxation to allow the healing to be fully effective, When muscles are tense it is impossble to get into deep muscle fibres, and the treatment effectiveness will be greatly reduced.
So there clearly is never a need to suffer pain and discomfort in our feet, always have foot pain treated in its early stages, never let an easily treatable condtion become a really serious issue.
Our feet are amazing, so always look after them.

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“Our Feet, the workhorses of our bodies, give them some Respect.”

We all have experienced pain and discomfort with our feet, that feeling of pain and extreme discomfort from a simple blister to suffering with some of the more serious foot condtions such as Plantar faciitis, achilles tendonitis, morton’s neuroma,

It is only when we experience foot pain and discomfort that we really start to appreciate just how important our feet really are.
We are all gulity of taken our feet so much for granted, they’re just there at the end of our legs, having to put up everday with so many challenges, walking, standing, running, carrying around our body weight. At the start of the day we squeeze them into really tight fitting shoes, with really narrow toeboxes, sometimes with unnaturally elevated heels, to the flat shoes with such little support to the muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones of the feet.
While our poor feet have to suffer with those indignities, we then expect them to take hundreds of tons of force impact during the average day of walking. All that pounding really helps to explain why feet are the body part must likely to get injured.
Our feet should never hurt, ever, it is up to each and everyone one of us to look after our feet,
There is so much we can do that wil help improve the condtion of our feet and help prevent foot injury.
For example by making changes to the type of shoes we wear, we can allow our feet feet to walk in a natural gait, that one change we make can greatly reduce the risk of foot injuries.
Wider toe boxes will help to reduce bunions, give more room to the toes, helping to prevent nerve compression, to help protect the achilles tendon from shortening, alternate heel heights regularly.
Yes there will be times when we will suffer with foot pain and condtions that has been caused with other issues out of our control, but it is so important that once we start to feel foot pain, that we have it assesed and treated as soon as possible.
Sharp pain felt in the heel or arch of the foot will only worsen overtime if left untreated.
Unfortunatley the vast majority of us will continue to suffer in pain and discomfort hoping that the pain we are feeling will just like magic, suddenly vanish. It seldom if ever does, if foot pain is not effectively treated, the
condtion may become even more serious, greatly increading both treatment and recovery time.
Our feet have thousands of nerve endings, so they are highly sensitive, so they will very quickly let us know when something is wrong.
Never ignore foot pain, have it treated as soon as possible, there is no need to continue suffering pain and discomfort.
Our feet are so important to each and everyone of us, please look after them.

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Joe Brady.


People can start to feel better.