30th October marathon raceday is fast approaching

30th October marathon raceday is fast approaching.

I never enjoyed the last four weeks before marathon race day.
I always worried about the little things that could go wrong that would derail all the months of training and preparation.
I always worried about picking up headcolds,the flu but even worse the dreaded injuries.
If you’re preparing to run dublin on the 30th October well done on completing your endless weeks of training and racing todate.
Only four weeks left to race day , so you have only maybe two long runs left to complete before you start to taper.
At this stage of marathon preparation I would strongly advise runners to keep their immune system topped up with an increase in your daily intake of fresh fruit,vegetables and drink at least 3 litres of water daily.
If you’re running shoes are worn and are not giving you proper support and cushioning change them.
This will greatly help you avoid picking up injuries.
If you have any little niggles get them treated now before they become major areas of concern.

Yes it is a great achievement running 26.2 miles

But to me I feel its an even greater achievement after all the months of marathon preparation simply getting to the start line on October30th
Fit ,healthy and injury free.

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