Achilles’ tendons , always overworked , never treated

Speaking as an ex athlete it always amazes me

Just how little care and attention runners give to their calf muscles and especially to their achilles tendons.
A huge percentage of achilles tendon injuries are caused by runners doing too much too soon. They overload the tendon.
Sometimes less is more and with gradual increase in mileage, the risk of injury is always greatly reduced.
The workload placed on these muscles and tendons when we run is simply mindblowing.
Four times our bodyweight on each foot strike.
Just think of that impact placed on the tendon/ calf as the foot strikes that hard road especially when training for that crazy marathon distance.( how many times does the foot strike the road during those long runs?)
You may get away during a run with a tight calf but any feeling of pain/ discomfort in the achilles tendon is a different matter, always a red flag to me, simple as.
You need it looked at and treated, before any real damage is done to the tendon.
I won’t cover achilles tendon tears in this blog,
Hopefully we will never need to go there.
A large percentage of injuries long distance runners suffer are avoidable, thats a well know fact.
Back in the day before we done our track work at the West London Stadium we were warmed up and then we were taken through various stetches for all the leg muscles, by a coach from London Irish called Mick ( i cant remember his surname, im sure Tommy Maher will let me know) always finishing with the calfs, before the session started. You were not allowed on the track until you were fully prepared. If you arrived late the same protocol was followed no excuses.( and to think this was in the 80s)
If you ever had any issues as regards injuries or muscle tightness, you were advised to have it assesed and treated as soon as possible.
One of Micks favourite sayings was, “Prevention always better than cure”
I was lucky enough to have worked with Saracens Physio at the time and his magic hands helped keep me injury free season after season. To think that was 30 years ago, where has that time gone.
By making sure we always have a good warm up followed by stretching before and after running,the injuries we experience in our time spent running ,will be very few. We wont run injury free all our lives but injuries we experience will be few and far between.
And if you feel any niggles have them treated before they become major issues. Simple as that, why risk causing a more serious injury by continuing to run whats the point.
Runners always hate taken timeout even eg when its recovery time after completing marathons, buts its much worse when we have to take time out when injuried. Thats a very different matter isnt it.
Look after your Body, its your Temple.

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