“Anxiety is not always seen or heard but it is always felt”.

You can’t see the beads of sweat going down the back of my neck.
You can’t feel my heart thumping in my chest like a great big battering ram.
You can’t feel the nausea churning in my stomach like a washing machine with a real heavy load.
You can’t see me at night tossing and turning in bed struggling to sleep.
You can’t feel that really horrible feeling , like im drowing, even though im not in water.
Because most of the time Anxiety is seldom seen or heard but it is certainly always felt.
When anxiety is at it worse, a day can seem like
a lifetime. When it’s really bad It seems to consume all our time . It gets so bad that it makes carrying on with work and everyday activites become a total impossibility.
People suffering with this horrible condition wrap themselves up in anxiety and often refuse to leave the safety of their homes.
It often becomes more comfortable to sit in it,
rather than trying to work through it.
Living in a kind of hope that this horrible condtion will somehow pass and life will be normal again.
If an anxiety order is not treated in its early stages it will eventually lead to depression.
Dealing with anxiety, can be really difficult and can become simply overwhemling. There is no need to continue suffering with this horrible condtion alone . There is always help out there.
There are several brilliant different therapies out there, that are excellent in helping to reduce stress and anxiety.
To me one of the most effective is the traditional Japanese therapy, Reiki.
Reiki is a beautiful, safe effective therapy when used to help reduce anxiety.
How does Reiki help anxiety and depression?
It allows people to let go of worry, anger and past hurts. It is a beautiful method of deep relaxation that provides that sense of well being and that sense of purpose that is missing from so many lifes.
From the very start of the treatment the client is placed in a state of calmness, immediatley starting to reduce anxiety.
Reiki is my favourite therapy to both give and receive, i simply love it, its pure magic.

There is no need to continue suffering with anxiety alone, help is always out there.

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Joe Brady.

People can start to feel better.