“You don’t have to control your thoughts.

You just have to stop letting them control you”.

While anxiety is a normal and healthy emotion, when a person has to deal with excessive levels of anxiety over an extended period of time, it may have then become a medical disorder.
We all deal with anxiety from time to time, it’s part and parcel of life.
Different situations can cause excessive anxiety, eg moving house, exams, job interview’s, been made redundant, health issues, to name a few.
That feeling of anxiety can last for several days and we will be able to somehow cope with it.
It’s when anxiety starts to take a hold of people and starts to control us, that we may then have an anxiety disorder.
Anxiety disorders can greatly effect our health both mentally and physically.
While many people know about the effects on mental health, sadly fewer people are aware of the physical side effects l, which can include digestive issues, and an increased risk of infection. Anxiety can also effect the function of the kidneys, heart and lungs.
So it is always most important to have anxiety treated, preferably in its early stages. If the condtion is left untreated and becomes chronic it can eventually lead to having major health issues, inculding that horrible condtion, depression.
Don’t continue to suffer with anxiety alone, there is simply no need too, as Anxiety disorders can be effectively treated using various therapies and occasionaly with medication.
One of the most effective therapies when used to help reduce anxiety is the ancient Japanese therapy Reiki.
During a Reiki treatment, the client will be from the very start of the session, be placed in a fully relaxed, comfortable postion. Meaning an almost instant reduction of stress and anxiety will be acheived during the Reiki healing.
I find most clients, even those having their first experience of Reiki will go into a deep sleep during the session, yes it is that relaxing.
This calming and stress anxiety reduction will continue throughout the whole session, and even after the treatment has been completed.
A Reiki healing takes up to an hour, but that hour is pure magic. If you have never had a treatment, i strongly recommend, you do.
Stop suffering Anxiety alone, there is always help out there.

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Joe Brady.

People can start to feel better.