Lymph Drainage Massage/ Post Surgery.

It is natural to experience some swelling after Surgery, that swelling can occur after major surgery such as a hip replacement or can be due to a more simple procedure with much smaller incisions, such as liposuction.
A surgical cut in the skin is a form of injury to the body. The bodys natural response to injury is in flammation which causes swelling, this swelling will reduce in time as the body begins it’s healing process.
Lymph drainage massage can help to really accelerate the healing process and help to redirect stagnant fluid, (sometimes a side effect of surgery near lymphatic vessels)
Lymph drainage massage has a wonderful calming analgesic effect, so it can help also reduce post surgical pain.
Think about that, Less pain, less medication, less anxiety.
Lymph drainage massage is ,a really beautiful, gentle, but yet such a powerful effective therapy, that yields such amazing results.

Vaccum Suction Therapy. Effective treatment for Sciatic Pain.

That horrible sharp shooting pain that is suddenly felt in the lower back / buttocks that travels down the back of the leg, sometimes into the foot, is most likely caused by bulging verterbrae in the lower back putting pressure on the sciatic nerve.
That horrible pain can be described as a burning, sharp shooting pain, like an electric shock that shoots down the leg, sometimes it is even felt in the toes.
While a large percentage of sciatic pain originates in the lower back, the sciatic nerve can also be compressed in several other parts of the body eg, the glutes, hamstring.
After all the sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body, starting in the lower back it extends right down as far as the feet.
The Piriformis muscle located deep in the buttocks, is very often involved in sciatic pain
( A condtion called Piriformis Syndrome)
As the sciatic nerve passes directly under this muscle, that large muscle can sometimes place pressure on the sciatic nerve it self.
When for example a person falls ,landing on the buttocks, it can cause inflamation and tissue swelling to the piriformis muscle, which can then irriate the nerve causing that horrible pain felt deep in the glutes, even going into the leg.
Other causes of Piriformis Syndrome, are when the muscle becomes inflamed due to excessive walking or running on even ground.
It is most important to have Piriformis Syndrome treated, so as to help avoid causing permanent nerve damage.
One of the most effective therapies to treat Piriformis pain is cupping.
I always use vaccum suction cupping when i treat the condtion, and i have to say it gets really effective results. It is most important when working in the area, not to place any further unnessary pressure to an already inflamed muscle ( that would only increase discomfort and place further pressure on the sciatic nerve).
That’s what makes Vaccum Therapy so effective, as instead of placing pressure to the muscle tissue, it lifts and seperates the tissue, allowing blood flow to increase in the area, helping reduce inflamation, helping to take pressure off the sciatic nerve.
It is most important after having the condtion treated to make sure to stretch the Piriformis muscle, lower back and hamstrings, daily to help keep the muscles loose and supple.

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Joe Brady

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Low Back Pain/ Sciatica. Time to take back control.

That old dreaded Back Pain that suddenly strikes us out of nowhere, when everything seems to be going so well, then without warning we start to feel that horrible pain, that can range from muscle aching, to that horrible shooting, burning, even sharp stabbing pain in the lower back that can sometimes travel down the leg right down to the foot.
Muscle spasms, tightness in the low back, pelvis and hips. That pain that worsens after prolonged sitting, standing, or in the morning as we struggle to get out of bed.
That pain that gradually increases when we bend, lift, twist or when we walk.
Low Back pain can even prevent us from doing everyday simple tasks, such as driving, lifting objects, walking up a stairs, even lying on a bed may simply become impossible to do.
While the vast majority of us will experience some form of back pain in our live time, thats one of life’s certainty’s, it doe’s not mean just because we have back pain, that we may have a serious underlying cause.
A large percentage of low back issues can be successfully resolved with conservative treatments such as massage, suction cupping, dry needling, because muscles and ligaments are a primary source of pain.
However due to the serious-ness of some condtions in this region eg bone spurs, herniated disks, vertebrae issues due to involment in a fall, or road traffic accident it is most important that the client is referred to other health care providers.

( I will always ask anyone suffering with low back pain who has been involved in a fall or car accident to have an Xray/ Mri scan before having a massage therapy session).

Suffering everyday with chronic back pain is a real challenge that not only hurts physically but also mentally and emotionally, it can eat away at our motivation, resolve and strength until all thats left is a nagging depression and a feeling of hopelessness.

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Joe Brady

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Sciatica, More than just a Pain in the Butt.

If you have ever had sciatic pain, it really needs no description, that sharp shooting pain that can feel like an electric shock coming from the lower back, going down into the leg sometimes as far down as the toes. Sometimes it can feel like a numbness, or a warm sensation in the leg muscles, even a feeling of pins and needles in the buttocks/ leg.
No matter what type of pain is felt, one thing is for sure when sciatic pain strikes it will stop you in your tracks.
Typically sciatic pain affects only one side of the body. It most commonly occurs when a herniated disk, bone spur on the spine, narrowing of the spine ( spinal stenosis),
or when tight taut muscles in the lower back/ glutes compress the sciatic nerve causing inflammation, that sharp pain, even numbness in the leg.
The pain may start slowly and start to get worse at night, after standing or sitting for long periods, it can be felt after simply sneezing,coughing, after twisting or bending.
Yes the simplest sudden movement can trigger sciatic pain and can happen at any time without any warning. But when it does happen one strike things for sure that sharp pain will be felt.
The good news is that in most cases sciatica can be successfully treated without surgical intervention.
Nowadays we have some wonderful highly effective therapies available to help treat the condtion.
I use massage therapy combined with suction cupping when treating clients suffering with sciatica. The suction cupping really helps to soften the muscles in the lower back/ glutes,
helping to increase blood flow in the area, thus helping to reduce inflamation around the nerve itself.
Cupping therapy is a remarkable healing modality, results can many times be felt almost immediatley.
It is always advisable to have sciatica treated as early as possible in order to avoid the progression of symptoms.
There is clearly no need to continue suffering with sciatic pain , have it treated as soon as possible.

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Joe Brady.

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Anxiety/ Depression

“Supporting someone suffering with Anxiety always starts with Listening, not Fixing”

The last 3 months have been really strange, uncertain times for so many us, having to stay at home, living in self isolation for several weeks, not knowing when or if we would ever return to living as we use to back in the days before this Pandemic started.
Spare a thought then for all those who were suffering with Anxiety/ Depression during this time.
Having to stay at home alone is never good for someone suffering with Anxiety/ Depression.
They need to have people around them, helping to give them support. Social interaction is so important for people with mental health issues.
So just imagine having to spend so many weeks, even months spent sometimes in isolation with all that fear and uncertainty,
Not having anyone to turn to for help or support would really not have been good for anyone suffering with mental health condtions. While there was, I glad to say some help available to help people suffering with stress/ anxiety online during those dark times , which would have greatly helped so many people, while it is wonderful to have that help online,
it is to me, not the same as having someone physically present to be able to really listen and offer support to the person who is suffering with Anxiety or Depression.
Now at least with so many restrictions having been lifted, people who need help can now after so many months, start to get the help they need..
There are so many wonderful therapies available that can really help people suffering with mental health issues.
I love to help people suffering with anxiety using a beautiful gentle theraphy called Reiki.
I find its it is a wonderful gentle treatment that allows the person to fully relax in a deep state of total calmness, always in a safe peaceful place.
Once they are in this safe place they soon begin to talk about their issues or concerns. I make sure to always listen attentively with kindness and compassion, and most importantly I make sure never to be judgemental.
Almost as soon as they start to share with me, their worries and concerns, their levels of anxiety almost immediately are greatly reduced.
There is always help out there, there is never a need to suffer anxiety/ depression alone.

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Joe Brady.

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Living with Plantar Pain, a real Nightmare.

Anyone suffering with Plantar Pain will tell you about how they feel that excruciating pain as they take those dreaded first steps of the day.
That horrible feeling, as if they have just stepped on a small sharp stone, , that discomfort can last for several minutes until the ligaments, tendons and muscles eventually warm up and then eventually that pain may start to ease a little.
In some cases though it doesn’t ease up at all and remains very painful throughout the day.
That horrible sharp pain can prevent people from walking or even standing on their feet for long periods .More extreme activites such as running become simply impossible to do.
While Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most common condtions of plantar foot pain, there are other condtions that can cause pain in the sole of the foot, eg heel spurs, ligament and tendon tears/ strains, so it is most inportant to have the injury properally assessed and treated .
It’s is so important to have any issues with the feet treated in the early stages, when left untreated they may even become serious complicated injuries that will take longer to heal and can also even lead to futher issues with the calf muscles and even with the knee and hip joints, due to over compensation when walking in great pain and discomfort.
I always strongly advice people to have plantar pain treated as soon as possible, there is never any need to have to continue to struggle daily with foot pain. There are some wonderful treatments now available to help treat foot pain.
I use several effective modalites in my treatment of plantar pain, one of the most effective therapies I love use, is suction cupping with vaccum I find this treatment is really effective in helping to reduce inflamation in the plantar tendon, an area that is very often really tender and even sometimes swollen.
It allows increased blood flow in the area, most important to allow healing to begin.
For the first time in about 25 years i have myself been suffering for several weeks with Plantar Fasciitis, so I have been struggling with pain, taken those dreaded first steps in the morning. I had at first tired to continue to run every day on grass but that pain was simply excruciating, it was agony after i had finished the run. So i had to do what most runners hate to do, take time off.
I was so happy when the lockdown was lifted and i was finally able to have my injury treated by my sports therapist Grace Mc Namee in Celbridge, thank you Grace for your wonderful treatments and for your patience with me, and i have to say i am now begining to feel less pain and discomfort now when i walk, so i hope that pretty soon i can start to run again, pain free.
There is no need to continue suffering with Plantar Pain, have it treated.

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Joe Brady.

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Guidelines on the reopening of my practice on Monday the 29th

In the interest of the Health and Safety of all my clients, i will be implementing some new standard protocols in my treatments as and from Monday June 29th.

  • Clients will be contacted by phone on the day before their appointment, as I will need to carry out a Covid Risk Assessment.
    ( Please note, any suggested risk of Covid infection will lead to the postponement of an appointment.)
  • Clients will be required to remain in their cars, when they arrive and I will take them to the treatment room when its time for their appointment.
  • On entry to the treatment room , clients will be asked to use the touchless hand sanitiser placed just inside the door.
  • A face mask will be provided free and must then be worn by the client, until the treatment has been completed in full.
  • The clients temperature will then be taken and recorded using a non-contact thermometer.

NB. If a client presents with any of the Covid 19 symptoms eg High Temperature, they will then be asked to leave, self- isolate and contact their GP.

  • The client will then be asked to fill out and sign the pre – consultation form and treatment consent form, before the treatment begins.
  • Once the treatment is completed and the client has once more sanitized their hands and has left the treatment room, there will then be a complete sanitization of the plynth, any equipment that was used, chairs and toilet, door handles, taps ect. The floor’s will then be disinfected and all plynth coverings and towels will be safely removed and placed in special sealed bags, for both waste disposal and washing.
  • Please note there will now need be 30 minutes between each client appointment time so as to allow time for this cleaning procedure.
    It is most important that clients are punctual for their appointment time
  • Minors ( persons under 18 years of age)
    and people with additional care needs must be accompanied by an adult, who will also follow the above protocol.
  • The above procedures will now be standard practice, and will continue to be carried out before and after each treatment.
  • I wish to thank all my clients for their continued support and patience during this pandemic.

If anyone has any questions or issues with the new procedures or if you would like to make an appointment Please feel free to contact me on 0862465163.
Joe Brady.

“The Human foot is a Masterpiece of Engineering and a work of Art” ( Leonardo da Vinci )

Our feet are a highly sensitive part of our bodies, no great surprise there, as they do after all contain several thousand nerve endings. It is no wonder then we will feel sharp pain and extreme discomfort when we attempt to walk, when we are suffering with condtions like Plantar Fasciitis, Heel spurs, Achilles tendonitis, Mortons Neuroma.

Our feet will soon let us know when something is not just right.
While not all foot pain is serious, if we start to feel pain and discomfort that continues to last for several days, it is best then to have the problem assessed and if necessary have it treated.
There maybe occassions when we feel discomfort in the feet may be due to some other minor issues eg, wearing unsupportive footwear, an issue that can be very easily corrected.
Other factors that can cause discomfort to our feet and ankles for example excessive running on hard surfaces, road running can really place so much pressure on our feet, ankles and calf muscles, but we can reduce all that pounding on asphlat/ concrete by switching to softer more surfaces like grass, sand and trial.
Pain and discomfort in the feet can also be caused by excessive tautness in the calf muscles and stiffness in the ankle joints and adhesions between the bones of the foot, once this muscle tightness is released using for example massage therapy, much of the pain felt will be greatly reduced.
The more serious condtions however, like Plantar pain and tendonitis will need to be fully assesed and if needed, properly treated. With these more serious foot condtions it is most important to have them treated in the early stages, to help prevent them becoming chronic condtions.
Chronic foot pain takes longer to effectively treat, so the sooner the treatment begins the better.
It is important to note, that not all pain in the plantar surface of the foot is Plantar fasciitis,
it can be due to other issues eg, a strain to a ligament or a tear in the plantar tendon itself, that tear may need surgical intervention.
Nowadays, thankfully there are several highly effective therapies available to help treat and greatly reduce foot pain.
I love to treat foot condtions using different modalities such as sucton cupping, scrapping, dry needling, orthopedic massage to help effectively reduce pain and discomfort in the feet. I will always make sure that all work done to the feet is carried out without causing further pain or discomfort to the client.
That is really important as to effectively treat any muscle,tendon or ligament the client must be in a fully state of relaxation to allow the healing to be fully effective, When muscles are tense it is impossble to get into deep muscle fibres, and the treatment effectiveness will be greatly reduced.
So there clearly is never a need to suffer pain and discomfort in our feet, always have foot pain treated in its early stages, never let an easily treatable condtion become a really serious issue.
Our feet are amazing, so always look after them.

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Joe Brady.

People can start to feel better.

“Our Feet, the workhorses of our bodies, give them some Respect.”

We all have experienced pain and discomfort with our feet, that feeling of pain and extreme discomfort from a simple blister to suffering with some of the more serious foot condtions such as Plantar faciitis, achilles tendonitis, morton’s neuroma,

It is only when we experience foot pain and discomfort that we really start to appreciate just how important our feet really are.
We are all gulity of taken our feet so much for granted, they’re just there at the end of our legs, having to put up everday with so many challenges, walking, standing, running, carrying around our body weight. At the start of the day we squeeze them into really tight fitting shoes, with really narrow toeboxes, sometimes with unnaturally elevated heels, to the flat shoes with such little support to the muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones of the feet.
While our poor feet have to suffer with those indignities, we then expect them to take hundreds of tons of force impact during the average day of walking. All that pounding really helps to explain why feet are the body part must likely to get injured.
Our feet should never hurt, ever, it is up to each and everyone one of us to look after our feet,
There is so much we can do that wil help improve the condtion of our feet and help prevent foot injury.
For example by making changes to the type of shoes we wear, we can allow our feet feet to walk in a natural gait, that one change we make can greatly reduce the risk of foot injuries.
Wider toe boxes will help to reduce bunions, give more room to the toes, helping to prevent nerve compression, to help protect the achilles tendon from shortening, alternate heel heights regularly.
Yes there will be times when we will suffer with foot pain and condtions that has been caused with other issues out of our control, but it is so important that once we start to feel foot pain, that we have it assesed and treated as soon as possible.
Sharp pain felt in the heel or arch of the foot will only worsen overtime if left untreated.
Unfortunatley the vast majority of us will continue to suffer in pain and discomfort hoping that the pain we are feeling will just like magic, suddenly vanish. It seldom if ever does, if foot pain is not effectively treated, the
condtion may become even more serious, greatly increading both treatment and recovery time.
Our feet have thousands of nerve endings, so they are highly sensitive, so they will very quickly let us know when something is wrong.
Never ignore foot pain, have it treated as soon as possible, there is no need to continue suffering pain and discomfort.
Our feet are so important to each and everyone of us, please look after them.

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Joe Brady.

People can start to feel better.

Anxiety & Depression – Are you okay today?

For far too long society veiwed discussion around mental health as being a sign of weakness and that anyone suffering with the condtion was somehow seen as incomplete as a human being. I am glad to say, times are at long last begining to change and nowadays there is a great increase in awarness of people suffering with Depression.

For people suffering with Anxiety disorders however there is still a distinct feeling that it is widely ignored and under reported.
This is after all a condtion that affects so many people and if left untreated can lead to Depression and substance abuse.
It is our duty to make sure people suffering with Anxiety disorders are no longer left to feel
isolated, dealing with these issues on their own. We can do so much to help, but we need to make a real effort.
We can all play our part, we can start by making sure to always be there for any friend, work colleague or family member who is suffering with this horrible condtion.
If we feel someone is suffering with Anxiety disorders be there for them, it really helps if they feel they have someone there with them.
listening to them, with understanding, with kindness and giving them most importantly human support. It is amazing how much better people feel after they have talked to a person who has taken the time to really listen to them. Now i mean been physically present, i dont mean talking on a phone, texting
ect, that physical contact is really so important. It really shows the person that you care, anyone can send a text message.
If they feel that may need further help to deal with Anxiety, you can then help to support them by making sure they pay a visit to there GP, and then if need further help with a therapist, help them make that contact, without that support, they may not seek that help that would be so important in helping them start on the road to recovery.
Let us start to look after each other, we can all really begin to help people suffering with Anxiety. It is time to play your part, we can play such an important part in both helping people suffering with this horrible condtion and also by helping to increase Awareness of Anxiety Disorders.

If you feel you need any help or advice in dealing with Anxiety Disorders please feel free to call me on 0862465163.

Joe Brady.

People can start to feel better.