Calf muscle injuries , Have a little patience

Many of us have had to deal with calf muscle strains and tears when running.

Calf injuries always seems to happen just when we are in the middle of a training phase for a specific race eg a marathon. Just when everything seems to be going to plan , you are running well and feeling good.Then all of a sudden out of the blue,
You get that sharp pain in the muscle, and running simply becomes impossible.
It can be a really frustrating time and runners simply hate not been able to run. Unfortunatley many runners will not have the injury treated, will not allow the injury to heal and will carry on running through the pain , thus causing further injury to the muscle, leading to forced time out from running.
There is a great difference to a calf strain and a calf tear. A strain when properly treated and when the proper rehab work is done, may see a runner return to activity in a little over a week depending how severe the strain was.
A tear in the calf muscle is a different matter.
Calf tears need to be given time to heal.
Even micro tears in the muscle must be allowed time to heal. Tears in the calf muscles must be treated properly,
Manual therapy followed with a gradual closely monitored return to walking, jogging and only when feeling no discomfort , light running can then be introduced. Runners love to return to run the same distance at the same pace they did before injury, not always a good idea.
Its most important to build up distance and pace slowly, pain free when doing the rehab work, with a gradual increase in both distance and pace.
If the tear is not treated properly, given time to heal and the rehab work is not done there is no doubt the athlete will have to deal with the same calf injury in a matter of days or weeks at most. A viscous cycle then begins which can lead to months of inactivity.
Better to miss a few weeks and have the injury properly dealt with, then to return too soon to running and risk causing an even more serious injury.
Injuries need to be given time to heal.
Yes recovery from injury can be greatly speeded up,
Having effective manual therapy, making sure to do the rehab work and allowing the body time to heal, will help achevie full recovery from injury.
The rehab work is most important. Manual therapy without rehab work will not be as effective and will take even more time.
Always do the rehab work and remember,
Have a little Patience.

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