” Never – just -at -the-wrist-syndrome”.

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a really progressively painful condtion that is felt in the arm, wrist and hand. Numbness and tingling sensations are usually felt in thumb and in the 3 first fingers in the hand. ( not in the little finger). This horrible condtion can overtime become so intense that it can effect overall strength in the fingers and hand, even leading to loss of grip.
Simple everyday tasks eg buttoning a shirt,
tying a shoe lace, holding a pen can become almost impossible to do.
(CTS) is most commonly caused by compression of the median nerve as it passes into a narrow tunnel in the wrist, this compression may be caused by tautness in the
wrist flexors due to over development of muscles and tendons that press on the nerve.
So it is most important when treating this condtion that forearm, wrist tension and adhesions are removed so as to help increase space in the area.
While CTS is most commonly caused by issues in the wrist and forearm, it is can also be caused by nerve compression in the elbow, upper forearm and even in the neck and shoulder.( The median nerve in the wrist extends from the Brachial nerve ( neck shoulder) down the arm, passing through the elbow into the wrist. So its really important to be a good healing detective and to find the source of the pain and work on helping to reduce it at the source.
It is really important to have Carpal tunnel syndrome treated in its early stages, if the condtion is allowed to become chronic it can lead to permanent damage to the median nerve, causing constant numbness in the fingers and even a loss of strength in the hand.
There is no need to continue suffering with this
horrible condtion, have it treated.

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