“Theres comes a time when i no longer care if there’s a light at the end of the tunnel or not.

I am just sick of the tunnel.”

Depression is a real mental illness. Those who suffer with this horrible condtion simply cannot decide to suddenly stop feeling depressed.
Unlike everyday sadness or worries, depression feels all- consuming and hopeless.
Friends and loved ones of people suffering with depression often get frustrated and dont’ fully understand why a person can’t just snap out of it.
If left untreated, depression can seriously affect the sufferers quality of lfe, personel relationships, work , because it can be so serious, finding effective treatment fo anxiety and depression is essential.
So it is most important to seek help from a qualifed professional skilled in therapy, treatment programs and talking with a physician is the best course of action.
The early depression is treated the better.
If depression and anxiety are allowed to go untreated for long periods of time, the longer it will take to treat the condtion.
When i suffered with depression in the past, when i was suffering with serious health issues, i found having regular Reiki healing sessions really helped me make a full recovery from a really low point in my life.
Reiki can be really benefical to people suffering with anxiety, depression. in a multiple of ways.
Some of the benefits of Reiki healing for people living with both anxiety, depression include.

“Creating a sense of mental and physical balance”

Reiki can help restore a person’s overall sense of balance both in the mind and body.
This can help improve a persons mood and help them overcome feelings of guilt/ saddness.

“Reiki is really relaxing”.

Reiki is greatly effective in reducing stress/anxiety.
Depression is often accompanied by anxiety, as a reiki treatment is so relaxing, it will help reduce the anxious feeling and as a result the person’s depression may be reduced as well.

” Reiki helps put the person back in control”

When people are depressed, they may feel they are not in control of their own lives. So by participating in a Reiki healing, they are doing something proactive. therefore taking back that feeling of control.

“Reki helps the client connect with people”

People suffering with depression may feel isolated and a common sympton of depression
involves withdrawing from family and friends, feeling disconnected from others.
So one if the great benefits during a healing is allowing to let the client connect with a compassionite, caring Practioner, and this can really help improve the clients health.

Reiki is a beautiful healing and to be honest my
favourite to give and receive.
I make sure to have a Reiki healing once a month to help keep me in tip top shape both mentally and physically.
I would be lost without my regular sessions with Kim Rigney in Trim.
God bless her she is a great healer.

There is always help out there, do not suffer alone.

I am bent, but not broken.
I am scarred, but not disfigured.
I am sad, but not hopeless.
I am tired, but not lifeless.
I am afraid, but not powerless.
I am angry,, but not bitter.
I am depressed, but am not giving up.

People can start to feel better.

Please feel free to call me on 0862465163.
Joe Brady.