“It’s all in the head”

Anxiety and Depression hurts, and while we most often pair mental illness with emotional pain like sadness, crying and feelings of hopelessness, research shows that mental illness can also manifest as physical pain.

A really high percentage of people suffering with Anxiety/ Depression, will have suffered with irritable bowel syndrome ( IBS), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).
Having to deal with stomach cramps, diarrhoea, constipation and with people suffering with IBD, the constant loss of blood.
The constant need to use the toilet, loss of appetite, lack of sleep.
It can be such a real struggle trying to cope with anxiety and depression, without having to deal with IBS or IBD at the same time.
Speaking as someone who has lived with IBD in the past, it is a complete nightmare.
Stress and anxiety are linked to IBS, but it is not clear if stress and anxiety contribute to IBD.
Speaking from experience, i can say when i first started to suffer with the condtion, it was at possibly the most stressful time in my life.
Doctors and scientists sometimes refer to the gut as the second brain because they have found a connection between gut health and mental well – being. Our stomachs are full of good bacteria, but if there is an imbalance of good bacteria symptoms of anxiety and depression may arise.
Recent research has shown, that stress and anxiety inhibits the Vagus nerve and in doing so adversely impacts the gut and can help to cause condtions such as IBS and even IBD.
The Vagus nerve is one of the most important
nerves of the body as it regulates critical aspects of human physiology eg heart rate, blood pressure, sweating and our digestive system.
However the good news to this is that the vagus nerve may also open up ways for us to help treat IBS and IBD.
One of the most effective complementary therapies treating IBS and IBD is Reflexology.
The reflex of the Vagus nerve is accessible at the sole of both feet, allowing the nerve to be worked during a treatment, helping to greatly reduce anxiety and stress in several key areas of the body.
During a Reflexology session other organs that may contribute to bowel disorders can also be treated such as the Liver, Large and Small bowel and Stomach, to help reduce those symptoms of IBS, IBD.
Reflexology is a wonderful safe, gentle but so effective therapy, it acheives amazing results.
I was blessed to train in Obus School of Healing Therapies in Leixlip.
The school’s principal Christine Courtney has always included working with the Vagus nerve in several of the schools courses, i can now see the important role it plays with our health.
If i had only knew 10 years ago just how effective Reflexology was in helping to treat bowel disorders and in helping to reduce stress, i may not have had to have had emergency life saving surgery, i may not have lost my colon.
I may not have had to wear a colostomy bag for the rest of my life.
Still, i am alive i can thank God for that.

(NB If you notice any blood when you use the toilet, i strongly advise you to go to see your doctor immediately, don’t take any risks.
You will need to be checked out to see if there is an even more serious disease present.
IBD can really take hold in a very quick time,
in a little over 8 weeks i went from losing blood to having my bowel removed, that is why it is so important to see your doctor immediately).

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Joe Brady.

People can start to feel better.