Living with Plantar Pain, a real Nightmare.

Anyone suffering with Plantar Pain will tell you about how they feel that excruciating pain as they take those dreaded first steps of the day.
That horrible feeling, as if they have just stepped on a small sharp stone, , that discomfort can last for several minutes until the ligaments, tendons and muscles eventually warm up and then eventually that pain may start to ease a little.
In some cases though it doesn’t ease up at all and remains very painful throughout the day.
That horrible sharp pain can prevent people from walking or even standing on their feet for long periods .More extreme activites such as running become simply impossible to do.
While Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most common condtions of plantar foot pain, there are other condtions that can cause pain in the sole of the foot, eg heel spurs, ligament and tendon tears/ strains, so it is most inportant to have the injury properally assessed and treated .
It’s is so important to have any issues with the feet treated in the early stages, when left untreated they may even become serious complicated injuries that will take longer to heal and can also even lead to futher issues with the calf muscles and even with the knee and hip joints, due to over compensation when walking in great pain and discomfort.
I always strongly advice people to have plantar pain treated as soon as possible, there is never any need to have to continue to struggle daily with foot pain. There are some wonderful treatments now available to help treat foot pain.
I use several effective modalites in my treatment of plantar pain, one of the most effective therapies I love use, is suction cupping with vaccum I find this treatment is really effective in helping to reduce inflamation in the plantar tendon, an area that is very often really tender and even sometimes swollen.
It allows increased blood flow in the area, most important to allow healing to begin.
For the first time in about 25 years i have myself been suffering for several weeks with Plantar Fasciitis, so I have been struggling with pain, taken those dreaded first steps in the morning. I had at first tired to continue to run every day on grass but that pain was simply excruciating, it was agony after i had finished the run. So i had to do what most runners hate to do, take time off.
I was so happy when the lockdown was lifted and i was finally able to have my injury treated by my sports therapist Grace Mc Namee in Celbridge, thank you Grace for your wonderful treatments and for your patience with me, and i have to say i am now begining to feel less pain and discomfort now when i walk, so i hope that pretty soon i can start to run again, pain free.
There is no need to continue suffering with Plantar Pain, have it treated.

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Joe Brady.

People can start to feel better.