Low Back Pain/ Sciatica. Time to take back control.

That old dreaded Back Pain that suddenly strikes us out of nowhere, when everything seems to be going so well, then without warning we start to feel that horrible pain, that can range from muscle aching, to that horrible shooting, burning, even sharp stabbing pain in the lower back that can sometimes travel down the leg right down to the foot.
Muscle spasms, tightness in the low back, pelvis and hips. That pain that worsens after prolonged sitting, standing, or in the morning as we struggle to get out of bed.
That pain that gradually increases when we bend, lift, twist or when we walk.
Low Back pain can even prevent us from doing everyday simple tasks, such as driving, lifting objects, walking up a stairs, even lying on a bed may simply become impossible to do.
While the vast majority of us will experience some form of back pain in our live time, thats one of life’s certainty’s, it doe’s not mean just because we have back pain, that we may have a serious underlying cause.
A large percentage of low back issues can be successfully resolved with conservative treatments such as massage, suction cupping, dry needling, because muscles and ligaments are a primary source of pain.
However due to the serious-ness of some condtions in this region eg bone spurs, herniated disks, vertebrae issues due to involment in a fall, or road traffic accident it is most important that the client is referred to other health care providers.

( I will always ask anyone suffering with low back pain who has been involved in a fall or car accident to have an Xray/ Mri scan before having a massage therapy session).

Suffering everyday with chronic back pain is a real challenge that not only hurts physically but also mentally and emotionally, it can eat away at our motivation, resolve and strength until all thats left is a nagging depression and a feeling of hopelessness.

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