Lymph Drainage Massage/ Post Surgery.

It is natural to experience some swelling after Surgery, that swelling can occur after major surgery such as a hip replacement or can be due to a more simple procedure with much smaller incisions, such as liposuction.
A surgical cut in the skin is a form of injury to the body. The bodys natural response to injury is in flammation which causes swelling, this swelling will reduce in time as the body begins it’s healing process.
Lymph drainage massage can help to really accelerate the healing process and help to redirect stagnant fluid, (sometimes a side effect of surgery near lymphatic vessels)
Lymph drainage massage has a wonderful calming analgesic effect, so it can help also reduce post surgical pain.
Think about that, Less pain, less medication, less anxiety.
Lymph drainage massage is ,a really beautiful, gentle, but yet such a powerful effective therapy, that yields such amazing results.