Plantar Fasciitis, Good morning heal pain

If you have in the past or are currently suffering with Plantar Fasciitis pain , you will no doubt have experienced that excruicating pain, felt first thing in the morning as you place your foot on the floor, getting out of bed.

That pain will gradually ease as the muscles and ligaments of the foot and calf warm up,
after you have hobbled around for the first few minutes.
It is certainly not a really pleasant way to start the day. But it amazes me why some people will continue to go through with this daily ritual of hobbling about in pain every morning,
sometimes for several weeks, even months,
Before they will eventually seek help.
I will always state, the earlier you get this condition treated the better.
Don’t let this condtion become Chronic, there is simply no need too. When treated in its early stages Plantar pain can be quickly and effectivley reduced.
Plantar Fasciitis when treated in its early stages will also help prevent the formation of the dreaded heel spurs. Heel spurs are not always present , but are often involed when people are suffering with Plantar fasciitis, especially when the condition becomes Chronic.
There is no need to continue suffering Plantar Pain. I can help reduce your discomfort.

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