Putting the squeeze on Mortons Neuroma

Mortons Neuroma is a very painful foot condition that effects the forefoot and the toes.

Sharp, shooting pain is felt, under the ball of the foot, most commonly in the region of the 3rd and 4th toes.
The pain is like when you have just stepped on a small sharp stone or like that uncomfortable feeling when your sock has crunched up under the foot, causing real discomfort when you walk.
Pain can be greatly aggravated when wearing shoes with a narrow toe box or when shoes are tied too tight.
Pain can be also felt at the end of the push- off phase when walking or running.
That pain will reduce when you take off your shoes, as you allow the bones of the forefoot to relax (decompress) but that pain will return,
when you put your shoes back on.
The primary causes of Mortons Neuroma, are nerve compression, stress on the nerve.
A less common cause of the condtion can be having had a previous injury such as a fracture or ligament damage to the foot, that can produce scar tissue, that can reduce the space between the metatarsal heads, helping cause irritation to the nerve.
There are several nerves in the plantar surface of the feet so space can be limited. It is therefore must important to make sure the bones, muscles ligaments and tendons of the feet are not tight and compressed so as to help avoid nerve compression in the feet.
In my treatment of Mortons Neuroma i always focus on reducing all tautness in the feet, using specialised techniques combined with gentle stretching. I also find vacuum therapy is highly effective when used to reduce tightness between the metatarsals in the forefoot.
It is most important to change footwear if a narrow toe box has contributed to the condition . So a wider toe box will help to further reduce compression in the foot after having the condition effectivley treated.

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