Runner’s knee?

The Knee joint is one of strongest and most important in the human body. It allows the lower leg to move while supporting our body weight. It also plays an important role as a shock absorber when we land after jumping.

Of all the joints of the body, i always felt the knee was a very poorly designed body part. Unlike the hip which is a ball and socket joint, and is really well supported and secure, the knee, a hinge joint is only held together with ligaments, tendon and cartilage.So it is no wonder, it is a joint that is most often injured.
Runner’s Knee is a broad term often used when
people suffer with various conditions ot the joint. It is not a term i feel comfortable using as
people who suffer with knee conditions may have never ran or may not be involved in any sporting activities. Knee injuries can be caused from something as simple as twisting the joint when walking or slipping on a wet surface.
Don’t get me wrong, a huge percentage of runners will experience knee pain during there running life, knee injuries are very common amongst the running population.
Some of the causes of knee pain, are due to running on unforgiven surfaces ie road.
Excessive downhill or uphill running.
Wearing worn trainers, tight ITB bands or can be caused by twisting the joint while running on uneven surfaces.
It is most important if you are experiencing discomfort in the knees to have the problem assesed and treated ASAP.
If you continue to train through the pain you may cause even more serious condtions to the knee.Condtions such as tears to the Cruciate ligament or to the Cartilage, you will then have to have surgical repair and then you will be forced to stop for an extensive period of time.
If you feel any discomfort in the body you need to have it treated. There is always a reason why you are feeling pain.
Pain is like an alarm system, telling us something is wrong. Don’t ignore it, do something about it.

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