Vaccum Suction Therapy. Effective treatment for Sciatic Pain.

That horrible sharp shooting pain that is suddenly felt in the lower back / buttocks that travels down the back of the leg, sometimes into the foot, is most likely caused by bulging verterbrae in the lower back putting pressure on the sciatic nerve.
That horrible pain can be described as a burning, sharp shooting pain, like an electric shock that shoots down the leg, sometimes it is even felt in the toes.
While a large percentage of sciatic pain originates in the lower back, the sciatic nerve can also be compressed in several other parts of the body eg, the glutes, hamstring.
After all the sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body, starting in the lower back it extends right down as far as the feet.
The Piriformis muscle located deep in the buttocks, is very often involved in sciatic pain
( A condtion called Piriformis Syndrome)
As the sciatic nerve passes directly under this muscle, that large muscle can sometimes place pressure on the sciatic nerve it self.
When for example a person falls ,landing on the buttocks, it can cause inflamation and tissue swelling to the piriformis muscle, which can then irriate the nerve causing that horrible pain felt deep in the glutes, even going into the leg.
Other causes of Piriformis Syndrome, are when the muscle becomes inflamed due to excessive walking or running on even ground.
It is most important to have Piriformis Syndrome treated, so as to help avoid causing permanent nerve damage.
One of the most effective therapies to treat Piriformis pain is cupping.
I always use vaccum suction cupping when i treat the condtion, and i have to say it gets really effective results. It is most important when working in the area, not to place any further unnessary pressure to an already inflamed muscle ( that would only increase discomfort and place further pressure on the sciatic nerve).
That’s what makes Vaccum Therapy so effective, as instead of placing pressure to the muscle tissue, it lifts and seperates the tissue, allowing blood flow to increase in the area, helping reduce inflamation, helping to take pressure off the sciatic nerve.
It is most important after having the condtion treated to make sure to stretch the Piriformis muscle, lower back and hamstrings, daily to help keep the muscles loose and supple.

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